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Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates 2021-2022

Placement Director:

  • Portrait picture of David Levine

    David Levine

    Full-time Professor - Joint Chair

    Department of Economics

    Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Placement Administrative Assistant:

Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D.s who will be present on the international job market

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Job Market Paper: “Polarization and Policy Design”

Dissertation: Essays in Political Economy

Research Interests: Political Economy, Information Economics, Microeconomic Theory

References: Andrea Mattozzi (EIU), David Levine (EUI), Johannes Hörner (Yale); Marco Pagnozzi (Università Federico II di Napoli)

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Job Market Paper: “Housing and Savings Behavior Across Family Types”

Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics

Research Interests: Quantitative Macroeconomics – Household Finance, Labor Markets, Family Economics

References: Russell Cooper (EUI), Thomas Crossley (EUI), Mariacristina de Nardi (University of Minnesota)

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Job Market Paper: “Visual bias"

Dissertation: Essays in applied microeconomics

Research Interests: Behavioral economics, political economics, health economics, development economics

References: Andrea Mattozzi (EUI), Andrea Ichino (EUI), Thomas Crossley (EUI)

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Job Market Paper: "Not the right time for children: unemployment, fertility and abortion"

Dissertation: Applied Microeconometrics: fertility, nutrition and employment

Research Interests: Applied Microeconometrics, Labor and Demographic Economics, Gender Economics

References: Thomas Crossley (EUI), Michele Belot, Alessandro Tarozzi (EUI)


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Job Market Paper: “Optimal Bailouts and the Doom Loop with a Financial Network”

Dissertation: Essays in Financial Economics

Research Interests: 

Banking, Financial Networks, Monetary Policy, Financial Stability

References: Piero Gottardi (University of Essex), Giacomo Calzolari (EUI), Agostino Capponi (Columbia University), Caterina Mendicino (ECB)

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Job Market Paper: "Reinforcement Learning in a Prisoner's Dilemma

Dissertation: Dynamic Games, Social Preferences, and Assignment Markets: Theory and Experiments

Research Interests: Game Theory (especially dynamic games), Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics, Revealed Preference

References: Giacomo Calzolari (EUI), Cesar Martinelli (George Mason University)Daniel Houser (George Mason University)

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Job Market Paper: "De-Anchored Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy"

Dissertation: Essays in Monetary Economics

Research Interests: Monetary Policy, Inflation Expectations, Corporate Finance

References: Ramon Marimon (EUI), Edouard Challe (EUI), Leonardo Melosi (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

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Job Market Paper: "State Tax and Transfer Progressivity and the Household Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus"

Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics with Household and Policy Heterogeneity

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Household Finance, Machine Learning


Axelle Ferriere (EUI);  Jonathan Heathcote; Ramon Marimon (EUI); Kjetil Storesletten 

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Job Market Paper: "Mutual Insurance and Land Security in Rural Ghana"

Dissertation: Essays on Macroeconomics and Development

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Development, Political Economy

References: Evi Pappa (Carlos III), Axelle Ferriere (PSE), Dimitrios Xefteris (University of Cyprus), Tasso Adamopoulos (York University)

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Ph.D. awarding institution: European University Institute

Job Market Paper: "College Education and Income-Contingent Loans in Equilibrium"

Dissertation: Essays on Social Insurance and Allocation of Resources

Fields of Interest: Macroeconomics, education, development

References: Arpad Abraham (University of Bristol), Douglas Gollin (University of Oxford), Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame), Ramon Marimon (EUI).

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Job Market Paper: "Central Bank Communication with the General Public: Survey Evidence from Germany"

Dissertation: Essays on the dynamics of inflation expectations

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Applied Macroeconometrics, Inflation expectations

References: Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Leonardo Melosi (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Russell Cooper (EUI), Roberto Motto (ECB).

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