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Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates 2022-2023

Placement Director:

  • Portrait picture of David Levine

    David Levine

    Full-time Professor - Joint Chair

    Department of Economics

    Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Placement Administrative Assistant:

PhD candidates and recent Ph.D.s who will be present on the international job market

Job Market Paper: Determinants of migration choices: the role of beliefs about pecuniary and nonpecuniary outcomes

Dissertation: Essays in migration and education economics

Research Interests: Applied microeconomics: labor, migration, education, gender and behavioral economics

References: Sule Alan, Michele Belot, Alessandro Tarozzi.

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Job Market Paper: The Reversal of the Mission: The Influence of Religious Leaders on Sociopolitical Attitudes

Dissertation: Essays on Opinion Formation and Social Values Transmission

Research Interests: Political Economy, Culture and Institutions, Labor Economics

References: Michèle Belot (Cornell University), Sule Alan (EUI), Christian Fons-Rosen (UC Merced), Guadalupe Tuñón (Princeton University) 

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Job Market Paper: The Effect of a Conditional Cash Transfer on Child Marriage: Evidence from Mexico

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Dissertation: Essays in Development and Applied Economics

Research Interests: Child Development, Education, Poverty, Gender, Discrimination

References: Sule Alan (EUI); Alessandro Tarozzi (EUI); Thomas Crossley (EUI)

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Job Market Paper: Consumer of Last Resort: Government procurement, firm level evidence and the macroeconomy

Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics

Research Interests: macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policies, applied and theoretical macroeconometrics

References: Evi Pappa, Leonardo Melosi and Chiara Osbat

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Job Market Paper: “Money-issuing banks and the market price of time"

Dissertation: “Essays on money-issuing banks"

Research Interests: Banking, Money, Macroeconomics

References: Piero Gottardi, Russell Cooper, Philipp Kircher

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Ph.D awarded at the EUI in 2021

Job Market Paper: Does intelligence shield children from the effects of parental unemployment?

Dissertation: Essays in Applied Microeconomics

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Economics of Education

References: Andrea Ichino (EUI); Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota); Giulio Zanella (University of Bologna)

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Job Market Paper: Estimating Nonlinear Heterogeneous Agents Models with Neural Networks

Research Interests: Quantitative Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Policy, Machine Learning

References: Prof. David Levine, Leonardo Melosi, Prof. Jesús Bueren

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Dissertation Title: Essays in Microeconomics Theory

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Organizational Economics, Public Economics, Social Learning, Communication

References: David K. Levine; Andrea Mattozzi; Giacomo Calzolari

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Job Market Paper: Shopping, Demand Composition, and Equilibrium Prices

Dissertation: Essays on Household Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics

Research Interests: Quantitative Macroeconomics — Heterogeneous Agents, Search Frictions, Consumption, Prices, Income Risk


Árpád Ábrahám (University of Bristol); Russell Cooper (EUI); Edouard Challe (EUI); Caterina Mendicino (ECB)

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Job Market Paper: Debt Contracts, Investment, and Monetary Policy

Dissertation: Essays in Macrofinance and Firm Dynamics

Research Interests: Macrofinance, Firm Dynamics, Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance

References: Russell Cooper, Árpád Ábrahám, Edouard Challe

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Ph.D awarded at the EUI in December, 2020

Job Market Paper: Women Win: Can Female Representation Decrease Gender-Based Violence?

Dissertation: Three Essays in Applied Economics

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Gender Economics

References: Andrea Mattozzi (University of Bologna); David K. Levine(EUI); Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid); Francesco Sobbrio (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

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PhD awarding institution: University of Amsterdam

Job Market Paper: Public Persuasion in Elections: Single-Crossing Property and the Optimality of Censorship

Dissertation: Tell Me How To Vote: Understanding the Role of Media in Modern Elections

EUI Mentor: David Levine

References: David Levine, EUI; Salvatore Modica, University of Palermo; Arthur Schram, University of Amsterdam; Randolph Sloof, University of Amsterdam.

Fields of Interest: microeconomic theory, political economics, information economics, and experimental economics.

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Job Market Paper: Education during conflict: the effect of territorial occupation by insurgents on schooling

Dissertation: Essays in applied microeconomics

Research Interests: Applied microeconomics, development economics, political economy, international economics

References: David K. Levine (EUI), Thomas F. Crossley (EUI), Saumitra Jha (Stanford GSB)

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Job Market Paper: Populism and Ideological Convergence: Evidence from a Multiparty System

Dissertation: Essays in Empirical Political Economy

Research Interests: political economy and applied microeconomics

References: Andrea Mattozzi, Thomas Crossley, Enrico Cantoni

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Job Market Paper: The Linking Effect: Causal Identification and Estimation of the Effect of Peer Relationship

Dissertation: Essays in the Economics and Econometrics of Networks and Peer Effect

Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Causal Inference, Applied Microeconomics, Networks, Peer Effect

References (with links to their websites): Andrea Ichino (EUI), Sule Alan (EUI), Yann Bramoullé (Aix-Marseille School of Economics), Fabrizia Mealli (University of Florence and EUI)

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Job Market Paper: Job Search and the Threat of Unemployment Benefit Sanctions

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy

References: Russel Cooper, Thomas Crossley, Edouard Challe

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