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Permanent Research Group on Social Europe

The European Pillar of Social Rights, i.e. the inter-institutional declaration signed by the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission in November 2017, seems to have set in motion a conscious recognition of and a potentially necessary call for the return to a social Europe.

The involvement and recognition of European social actors is an essential part of this process. In order to renew the academic attention on the historical experience and the meaning and perspectives of social Europe in a globalized world, the Permanent Research Group on Social Europe was established in June 2019. The research group includes professors from the universities of LUMSA, LUISS, Siena, and Genova, and representatives of social actors and European Institutions. Its scientific secretariat is located at the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre, European University Institute, in Florence. 


1. Archives of Social Europe at HAEU:

  • Presentation of archival programmes
  • Increase in archival fonds
  • Programme of oral history interviews
  • Valorisation of archival heritage

2. Main research focus:

  • The impact of a changing multipolar society on social Europe
  • Social regulation at the core of social Europe
  • Energy and the environment: Social economic politics in Europe

3. Research projects and Policy Papers

  • Historical research: Social actors and the Maastricht Protocol on Social Policy
  • Policy Papers: the social pillars and articles 152- 155

Who we are

  • Andrea Ciampani – Università Lumsa, Rome (coordinator)
  • Dieter Schlenker – Historical Archives of the European Union (coordinator)
  • Maria Elena Cavallaro – Luiss Roma
  • Marco Cilento – European Trade Union Confederation
  • Stefano Martinelli – European Economic and Social Committee 
  • Daniele Pasquinucci – Università degli studi di Siena
  • Claudio Cappellini – SMEs Academy Avignon
  • Andrea Becherucci – Historical Archives of the European Union (Secretary)



Page last updated on 23/07/2021

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