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There will be some differences in the duration of the review process depending on the ETGN institution to which you will submit your application form and how close the application comes to the registration deadline of the first course in your study plan. However, the process should not take longer than a month from submission.    

The study plan will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Professional and academic background of the applicant; the potential impact that the study plan would have on the applicant’s career.
  • The feasibility of the study plan.
  • The quality and coherence of the study plan, including the number of contact learning hours.

The two-year period will start when the first course in your study plan begins. So for example, you apply for the ETGN certificate in March 2022, and the first course in your study plan starts in July 2022, in this case you will have until July 2024 to complete your study plan and obtain the certificate.

Yes, upon approval of the study plan you will still be asked to register through the institutional websites and, after being formally admitted to the selected courses, transfer the discounted registration fees.

If you attended the course recently (i.e. in the previous year), and if you can commit to complete two other courses in the relevant timeframe (2 years from the start of your first course) then it can count towards the ETGN certificate upon assessment of your study plan. However, discounts can only be applied for the courses that have not yet been completed.

Yes, both online and residential courses can be taken towards the award of the certificate.

No, the certificate itself does not have ECTS credits. However, some of the courses offered might on their own have ECTS credits. Please check with the providers of the individual courses.

The Executive Certificate in European and Transnational Governance is jointly issued by all seven members of the network. It includes all institutional logos of the network’s members.

If after the two year period you have not completed all three courses, you can ask for a six months extension, starting from the end of the two-year period. To ask for an extension, please email the ETGN Secretariat, include your ETGN Application Form in the e-mail, and let us know the course(s) that you wish to take during the extension. If after the extension you fail to complete all three courses you will lose the right to apply for the ETGN Certificate in the future.

Page last updated on 27/05/2022

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