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Year 1 – 60 ECTS

The first year is designed to build students' knowledge, skills and experience, to form strong foundations for their future study and career.

  • Economics for Policy I [5 ECTS]
  • Policy Design [5 ECTS]
  • Policies and Processes of Transnational Governance [5 ECTS]
  • Economics for Policy II [5 ECTS]
  • Transnational Politics and Institutions [5 ECTS]
  • The Law of Transnational Governance [5 ECTS]

  • Introduction to Game Theory [3 ECTS]
  • Knowledge in Research and Policy-Making [3 ECTS]
  • Policy Writing [3 ECTS]
  • Big and Smart Data Analysis [3 ECTS]
  • Negotiating Transnational Policy [3 ECTS]
  • Methods [3 ECTS]

The Curricular Internship is a compulsory part of the master’s programme and worth 12 ECTS for minimum of 300 hours. It takes place during the Spring - Summer break.

Learn more about our internship opportunities

Year 2 – 60 ECTS

The second year allows students to design a study programme that meets their goals and career plans. Students may also expand on their international educational and social experiences by participating in the mobility programme.

  • Regulation of Emerging Technology [5 ECTS]
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Human Rights [5 ECTS]
  • Global Environmental Governance [5 ECTS]
  • Migration Governance [5 ECTS]
  • Global Security in Transformation [5 ECTS]
  • International Relations of Asia-Pacific [5 ECTS]
  • The Crisis Seminar [5 ECTS]
  • Policy Evaluation [5 ECTS]
  • Non-State Forms of Governance [5 ECTS]
  • AI and Ethics [5 ECTS]
  • Climate Policy Toolbox [5 ECTS]
  • Responsible Leadership [5 ECTS]

  • Transnational Corporations and SDGs [3 ECTS]
  • Strategic Consulting for the Public Good [3 ECTS]
  • Model EU Concepts and Simulation [3 ECTS]
  • Crisis Politics and Human Mobility [3 ECTS]
  • AI and Democracy [3 ECTS]
  • EU Security and Foreign Policy [3 ECTS]
  • Climate Policy Toolbox [ECTS]
  • Populism, Leadership and a Multi-Centred World [3 ECTS]
  • New Diplomacy [3 ECTS]

Note: course offerings may be subject to changes

  • Democracy and Rights
  • Digitalization
  • Environment and Climate
  • International Political Economy and Regulation
  • Migration
  • Peace, Conflict and Security

Master Project – 20 ECTS

The degree culminates in a final master’s project during the final/fourth semester. Here you apply what you have learned and make an intellectual contribution to the field. You need to select among two types of projects. If answering a theoretical question, you will develop a master’s thesis. Instead, if it is a response to a more practical query, you will produce a capstone report.

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