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Student Experience

We provide opportunities within and beyond Florence to learn and grow academically and professionally

Our headquarters are situated in the heart of Florence’s historical city center, known as Palazzo Buontalenti. Thanks to the city’s rich cultural scene and international atmosphere, you will have plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities and social events.

After class, you may end up networking over coffee with Young African Leader Fellows, grabbing lunch with Policy Leader Fellows at one of the many cafes nearby, rowing along the river Arno with PhD researchers or playing sports with your team at EUI tournaments.

The experience you cultivate during this master’s programme goes beyond the classroom: from book presentations, to talks with policymakers and diplomats, to the yearly State of the Union Conference, the wide range of events happening at the Florence STG which cater to different interests.

Our master’s programme is host to a very diverse and international community, with students that come from across the globe. We believe in making the journey through an exclusive exceptional degree as open-minded as possible thanks to the acceptance of a multi-disciplinary group of applicants which bring their share of personal and academic experience to the table.

Page last updated on 10/11/2023

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