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Student Experience

We provide opportunities within and beyond Florence to learn and grow academically and professionally

Our headquarters in Palazzo Buontalenti, are located in the heart of the vibrant, international centre of Florence. You will always find something exciting happening here. But many of our students also choose to spend time abroad in one of our mobility partner institutions. Whether you stay at the STG for the full two years, or decide to study elsewhere for part of your second year, you are guaranteed an enriching experience.

Life at the STG

Every day in class you will have countless opportunities to discuss current global issues with your peers, exchange ideas with faculty, and actively participate in negotiation games and debates.

You will work in teams some of the time, while also critically engaging with readings on your own. One day you could be asked to draft a policy brief and another day to deliver a group presentation, but there is a lot going on outside the classroom too: from book presentations, to talks with policy-makers and diplomats, to the yearly State of the Union Conference, the wide range of events happening at the STG and EUI cater to many diverse interests.

And after class, you may end up networking over coffee with Young African Leader Fellows, grabbing lunch with Policy Leader Fellows at one of the many cafes nearby, rowing along the river Arno with PhD researchers or playing sports with your team at EUI tournaments.

Palazzo Buontalenti, a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Duomo, will also give you access to all that Florence has to offer: a rich cultural life and endless opportunities for extracurricular activities and social events.


  • Portrait picture of Andrew Fallone

    Andrew Fallone

    STG Class of 2020/22

"Two of the people I kept citing were located at the EUI Migration Policy Centre, so coming to the STG seemed like the natural choice [...] it's become a springboard to jump into other opportunities."


  • Portrait picture of Marta Moretti

    Marta Moretti

    STG Class of 2020/22

"I really like the idea that the STG brings together academia and practice, that is really a plus here. I was not looking for a purely academic study career, I would say. So, I really like the internship opportunities, the executive trainings and all of the practice-oriented activities that the STG promoted."


Page last updated on 24/10/2022

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