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Faculty Areas of Supervision

Prospective applicants should look closely at the research interests specified by the professors in their personal web pages. These will provide the clearest idea of the kinds of research topics that are supervised at the EUI. It should not be assumed that the interests listed are the only topics those professors will supervise, but they should serve as a useful guide. Specific research interests of the professors who are available to supervise new researchers are set out below.

In the application form you are encouraged to list the names of potential supervisors for your research. Faculty members will then become aware that you consider them as potential supervisors. However, you should not contact them and ask them for advice, as this could undermine the competitiveness and fairness of our selection procedure.


  • Deirdre Curtin, Joint Law / RSCAS Professor of European Union Law. Research themes: European Law and Institutions; EU Constitutional and Administrative law; Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe; Accountability of European Governance; Privacy and Security in a Global Context; Transparency and Secrecy in Law and Practice.


  • Peter Drahos, Professor of Law and Governance. Research themes: Property theory; Intellectual property rights; Regulatory and governance theory;Trade agreements and development; Law and technology.


  • Gábor Halmai, Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law. Research themes: Comparative constitutional law; Globalization of constitutionalism; Constitutional-making in democratic transitions; Comparative judicial review; Transitional justice; Religious rights; Freedom of expression.


  • Martijn Hesselink, Professor of Transnational Law and Theory. Research Themes: European private law; private law theory;  transnational law and justice; transnational law and democracy; critical approaches to law.


  • Neha Jain, Professor of Public International Law. Research Themes: Public International Law; Theory of international Law; Comparative international law; International criminal Law; International human rights Law; International humanitarian Law; Criminal law theory.


  • Claire Kilpatrick, Professor of International and European Labour and Social Law. Research themes: EU social law and policy; EU internal market and social protection; Comparative labour and employment law; Equality and anti-discrimination law; labour rights as human rights; Globalization and labour.


  • Jürgen Kurtz, Professor of International Economic Law. Research themes: International economic law including the World Trade Organization and bilateral and regional trade and/or investment agreements, Legal hermeneutics and jurisprudential borrowing in public international law, Political economy, Deelopment theory.


  • Sarah Nouwen, Professor of Public International Law. Reseach themes: Public International Law, Politics of International Law, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice, Peace negotiations / peacekeeping / peacebuilding / peacemaking, Third World Approaches to International Law, International Law – International Relations, International Law – Constitutional Law, Anthropological Approaches to International Law, Qualitative Empirical Research in International Law, Critical Approaches to International Law, History of International Law.


  • Nicolas Petit, Professor of European Competition Law, LAW/RSCAS. Research themes: Antitrust Law; Intellectual Property; Law in a Context of Technological Change; Theory of Regulation; Law and Economics; Law and AI. 


  • Urška Šadl, Professor of Law. Research Themes: Theory and practice of judicial decision making; Empirical legal methods; International courts; Court of Justice of the European Union.


  • Giovanni Sartor, Professor of Legal Informatics and Legal Theory. Research themes: Legal informatics; Legal theory; Computer law; Law and automation in socio-technical systems.


  • Joanne Scott, Professor of European Law. Research Themes: Environmental law, climate change law, EU extraterritoriality, new modes of EU governance and relationships between different legal orders. 


  • Mathias Siems, Professor of Private Law and Market Regulation. Research themes: Corporate and Securities Law; Comparative Law; European Private Law; Private International Law; Law & Economics; Empirical Legal Studies.




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