Public International Law

The Law Department has established itself as a leading center for the research and practice of international law, attracting a vibrant community of faculty, students, visitors, and policy makers from around the world.

The core faculty, distinguished visitors, and fellows bring a rich set of specializations to the study of international law at the EUI, including human rights law, environment law, criminal law, trade law, comparative law, and European law. They also combine a diverse set of approaches, ranging from doctrinal to critical, historical to socio-legal.

In addition, the EUI hosts the Secretariat of the European Society of International Law and the Academy of European Law offers advanced-level summer courses in Human Rights Law.

The researcher-led International Law Working Group at the EUI serves as a congenial forum for informal discussion on key developments in international law and regularly hosts workshops and conferences.

International lawyers within the Law Department also work with colleagues in the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the Department of History and Civilization to deepen connections with scholarship in international relations, legal history, and public policy.

For a more detailed indication of the supervisory interests of Prof. Jain and Prof. Nouwen, please click on their webpages:


Page last updated on 06 April 2021

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