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Impact of Covid-19 on the French Academic Job Market in the Social Sciences and Humanities

The French Academic Job Market has not been deeply influenced by the Covid-19 situation. The main claim by the different institutions and universities is towards flexibility on deadlines and extensions.

As in some other countries a wide range of new Covid-19 related projects has arisen, even increasing the market size.

Responses adopted by the Government and the National Funding Agency

Agence Nationale de la Recherche

Following the Flash call launched in March 2020, the ANR is launching a new call for Research-Action projects on Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). Open continuously until 28 October 2020 and focused on WHO recommendations, this call aims to support rapidly the scientific communities mobilized on Covid-19 in an emergency context.
The RA-COVID-19 call will be conducted in close collaboration with the 'Comité d'Analyse Recherche Expertise' (CARE) COVID-19, the multidisciplinary consortium REACTing (REsearch and ACTion targeting emerging infectious diseases) coordinated by Inserm under the aegis of AVIESAN and many other stakeholders providing their scientific and financial contributions.
This call aims to complement the initial action of Flash COVID-19 and addresses the following five priorities: 1) Epidemiological studies; 2) Physiopathogenesis of the disease; 3) Infection prevention and control; 4) Ethics and social dynamics; and 5) Global issues of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Responses adopted by the Universities

  • Sciences Po
    Regarding student mobility in exchange programmes or internships abroad the general rule is flexibility and an individual case-by-case assessment taking into account the different countries’ situations.
    All students have received an email indicating their study continuation plan. This information is also categorised by each study continuation plan, and accessible only to the students involved.
    There is also financial assistance available by directly contacting the university and attaching the necessary documents. Again, decisions will be made on an individual study basis

  • Paris Sorbonne 1
    This university holds a flexibility policy towards Covid-19 effects on the Academic Job Market and recommends visiting the Admission section of the University Webpage in order to monitor the status of the current programmes.

In general, it is widely recommended to visit the ‘Admissions’ section of each university webpage to consult on specific programmes’ stipulations on Covid-19.


Page last updated on 04 August 2020