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Impact of Covid-19 on the Academic Job Market in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

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Universities are cancelling or postponing job searches because of Covid-19 disruptions. The disruptions are going to shake up the careers of researchers at all seniority levels, but they will likely have the greatest impact on early-career scientists. 

The Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) has monitored the impact of Covid-19 on the academic job market in the Social Sciences and the Humanities and its effects on the larger scientific community. 

The research has been carried out by four EUI PhD researchers: Risto Conte Keivabu (SPS Department), Adrian-George Matus (HEC Department), Natalia Menéndez González (LAW Department), Nastazja Potocka-Sionek (LAW Department). 


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Page last updated on 01 September 2020

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