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Responses adopted by the Government

  • According to Law no.55/2020, during the ‘state of emergency’– currently ongoing – public institutions, such as schools, universities or research has frozen employment for all vacant positions.
  • The Emergency Decree [Ordonanță de Urgență] from 29.04.2020 stipulated that all university activity can be done online, including Ph.D. defences. However, in reality few Ph.D.s decide to defend virtually.  Instead, they prefer to wait until the situation relaxes.
  • One of the institutions coordinating the Romanian job market is UEFISCDI. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research, it encouraged competition on Covid-19. Yet, by early June 2020, there were no financed projects related to the Social Sciences and Humanities. [1] This reflects a larger trend: most of the universities or humanities institutes that reacted during Covid-19 crisis were technical and medical.[2]


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Responses adopted by the Universities

Since all academic positions are public positions, competitions for vacant places in all public universities have been postponed until after the ‘state of emergency’ ends.

Other useful resources

Some institutions continue to offer, on a yearly basis, fellowships, such as:

  • The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest [ICUB]
  • Star UBB

However, the main portal for tenure-track and full-position positions in Romanian academia is:


Page last updated on 04 August 2020