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Impact of Covid-19 on the Spanish Academic Job Market in the Social Sciences and Humanities 

The influence of Covid-19 on the Spanish Academic Job Market in the Social Sciences and Humanities has three main aspects:

  • the state of emergency has meant a freezing of all public posts for a period equivalent to the duration of this state. Therefore, all deadlines to apply for research projects, funding for those projects or reports of results have been frozen for this period;
  • because of the pandemic, a substantial amount of extra-funding for research has been launched to support the needs of current research during this period;
  • a considerable number of new projects related to the social implications of the pandemic have begun.

Lastly, despite the three measures, the general situation of the job market has remained very similar to what it was previously.

Responses adopted by the Government and the National Funding Agency

  • State Research Bureau
    In general, the period of execution of current aid (start date and end date) will not be affected by this situation.
    However, the deadline for the following actions concerning State Research Bureau projects will be suspended during the state of emergency and will run again once it is completed:
    - The scientific-technical justification for aid.
    - The windows of economic justification for aid.
    - The terms of rectification, claim and recourse derived from any process of the life cycle of aid.
    - The deadlines for requesting modification of the concession resolution.
    - The statute of limitations and expiration of aid.

    The State Research Bureau can provide any measures and instruction necessary to avoid serious damage to the rights and interests of the interested party provided that the latter expresses her agreement, or when the interested party expresses her agreement that the term is not suspended.

    The following calls from the State Research Bureau have extended their deadlines:
    Calls 2015-2018 co-financed with FEDER:
    - R&D Projects 'Excellence'
    - R&D Projects 'Research Challenges'
    - R&D Projects 'Challenges-Collaboration'
    - Acquisition of scientific-technical equipment

    Calls 2015-2019 under subsidy:
    - Projects 'International Joint Programmin'
    - Projects 'Explore'
    - Actions 'Networks of Excellence/Research'
    - Actions 'Europe Excellence'
    - Actions 'Europe Research'
    - Europe Networks and Managers-Europe CCTT Actions
    - Agricultural Resources and Technologies Projects.

    2,066 projects or actions have been extended for periods between one and eight months, extending the end date of the execution period until 31 December 2020.

    The incorporation of researchers to the R&D Centres are extended within the framework of the Ramón y Cajal programme, Juan de la Cierva Incorporation and Juan de la Cierva Training grants of the year 2018.

    Aid for extensions will be financed by means of a subsidy, charged to the Bureau's budget, and will be used to co-finance the salary and the Social Security business quota of the contracted persons, with the same conditions as those established in the calls.
    Only one extension of the contract will be permitted, except in the cases in which the extensions have been subscribed and sent to the Bureau before the publication of the resolution, in which case they may send a second extension.

    In total, the extensions of 1,040 grants may be financed, with an estimated financing of € 10.4 M, from the following (only postdoc grants included):

Grant programme

Number of grants

Estimated funding (€)




Juan de la Cierva



Juan de la Cierva Training



Juan de la Cierva Incorporation



Technical Support Staff



Postdoc INIA



Ramón y Cajal



Source: https://www.ciencia.gob.es/portal/site/MICINN/menuitem.edc7f2029a2be27d7010721001432ea0/?vgnextoid=e3a709eeefd22710VgnVCM1000001d04140aRCRD&vgnextchannel=878dfb7e04195510VgnVCM1000001d04140aRCRD

Responses adopted by the Universities

  • University of Barcelona
    This university is hiring professors for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 courses to cover the additional workload that has arisen as a consequence of the Covid-19 health emergency.
    Research contracts at this university have been extended for, initially, three months.

  • University Complutense (Madrid)
    Research related activities continue.
    Remote work will be encouraged, as long as the tasks to be carried out allow it.
    The Research Support Centers will continue to provide service.
    Travel is suppressed.

In general, it is widely recommended to visit the ‘Admissions’ section of each university webpage to consult on specific programmes’ stipulations on Covid-19.

Other useful resources

  • Twitter handles
    • @postdoc_es (Twitter account devoted to informing about postdoc opportunities in Spain)

Page last updated on 04 August 2020