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Welcome to Europe's social science research Library - Internal users

Find out more in our Library brochures for internal users and external users.

Access for Internal Users

Internal users include:

  • Faculty and researchers of the EUI
  • Professorial Fellows
  • Jean Monnet Fellows
  • other officially visiting professors, fellows and students
  • administrative staff of the EUI.

They may use the library and have borrowing privileges for the duration of their contract, grant or status. In order to establish whether someone belongs to any of the above-mentioned categories, reference will be made to the official register provided by the Academic Service or Personnel Service.



Access for EUI-associated users (former EUI members, partners and short-term EUI visitors)

Alumni and other former EUI-associated members can borrow a maximum of 10 items.

Those possessing EUI Partner cards have automatic access to the EUI Library.

Short-term visitors who are at the EUI seminars, conferences, thesis defences, interviews or Institute meetings and who wish to use the Library, should ask their EUI hosts to provide them with a short-term Library Pass.



Access for External Users

External users must request access to the Library. The request must be made at least 3 working days before the desired access date.

Page last updated on 06 September 2023

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