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Library Rules

All users of the EUI Library should respect generally accepted norms of good behaviour towards their fellow users, the library staff, and library property.

  • Smoking, drinking (with the exception of bottled water) and eating are not allowed in the Library. Anyone found with food or drink will be asked to remove it
  • No large bags should be introduced in the Library
  • No animals should be taken into the Library
  • Silence should be observed in the reading areas and mobile phone conversations should not be held anywhere in the Library. The sole exception is the library Social Room.
  • All other behaviour likely to disturb other users is not allowed
  • Library users should carry a valid library card to be shown at the request of the Library staff


Library Access

Internal users

Internal users include:

  • Faculty and researchers of the EUI
  • Professorial Fellows
  • Jean Monnet Fellows
  • other officially visiting professors, fellows and students
  • administrative staff of the EUI.

They may use the library and have borrowing privileges for the duration of their contract, grant or status. In order to establish whether someone belongs to any of the above-mentioned categories, reference will be made to the official register provided by the Academic Service or Personnel Service.

EUI-associated users (former EUI members, partners and short-term EUI visitors)

Former EUI members are entitled to use some Library services.

Those possessing EUI Partner cards have automatic access to the EUI Library.

Short-term visitors who are at the EUI seminars, conferences, thesis defences, interviews or Institute meetings and who wish to use the Library, should ask their EUI hosts to provide them with a short-term Library Pass.

Full details about admission procedures for EUI-associated users as well as online application forms are available at: Library Access Policy.

External users

Academic staff, postgraduate and doctoral students from other universities may have access to the Library after completing the application procedure. 

External users granted admission may consult the library but do not have borrowing privileges.

On-line application forms and full details about admission procedures for external users are available at: Library Access Policy.


Library Services-Borrowing

Items can be loaned to you by library staff at the Entrance desk, and through the automatic self-check machines nearby.  Borrowed items are your responsibility for the period they are on loan.  Any discrepancies or inaccuracies regarding loans in your library account should be communicated immediately to [email protected] .
Items may be borrowed on behalf of another person only with their written permission or presentation of their library card.
If library property in your possession is marked, damaged or lost, you will be charged for a replacement copy, and other sanctions may be applied.

Loan Rules

The loan periods in force for the various categories of library materials appear in the following list:

Item typeLoan periodNumber of Renewals


30 days


WP 30 days 24
EDC 30 days 24
ILL varies 0
Reserve - Overnight loan 1 day 0
CD-ROM 30 days 24
Locker keys varies 0


The list of reference materials gives all item types which may not be borrowed (i.e. Library use only)

  • 015/016 (Bibliographies) 
  • 900.212 (Historical Statistics)
  • CAS (Case Law)
  • CUR (Current Serials)
  • DIC (Some language dictionaries, marked "no loan ")
  • DIPDOC (Diplomatic Documents)
  • EDC (European Documentation Centre, those items without barcodes or marked "Library use only" )
  • LLM theses ( marked "Library use only" )
  • LSL (Looseleaf)
  • MIC (Microforms)
  • OFF (Official Gazettes)
  • PAR (Parliamentary Documents)
  • QRC (Quick Reference Collection)
  • SER (Serials)
  • STA (Statistics)
  • THESES (EUI theses, archival copy)
  • VLF material (Villa La Fonte use only)


The maximum number of items which may be borrowed at any one time is 60 for full EUI members (10 items for former EUI members). 

Volumes issued on loan may be retained until the due date unless recalled by the Library.

Loans may be renewed twelve times, if they have not been recalled or requested by another user. After twelve renewals, items must be returned to the Library for check-in.

Users with overdue items are subject to fines. See: Sanctions and Fines for Overdue Library Items.


InterLibrary Loans

EUI members may request documentation not held in the EUI library through the Interlibrary Loan service. The conditions and procedures are stated at: Interlibrary Loan .

Other libraries may also request items from the EUI library. The conditions and procedures are stated at: ILL for other libraries.

Reserve material

Books reserved for seminars are kept at the Loan Desk and may normally be consulted in the Library only. They should be checked out at the Loan Desk and checked in again on the same day. Overnight or weekend loans of specific items are permitted at departmental request only.

Books in the Economics Reference Library at the Villa La Fonte may only be consulted at Villa La Fonte. It is not permitted to take books out of the Villa La Fonte. For further details, consult: Economics Department Library Services.


Printed periodicals may be consulted in the Library only.

Storage material

Users may request library materials kept in storage by filling out the appropriate Storage Request Form. Materials will be brought to the Library entrance for collection according to the schedules announced.

Electronic resources

All individual users must comply with the specific Terms of Use or License Agreement restrictions for the applicable electronic resource. Users are individually responsible for their compliance with the terms and conditions of use. These restrictions apply equally to all users irrespective of whether they have accessed the resources from within the EUI buildings or through remote access to EUI networks.

For further details, consult:

Workspaces, lockers and re-shelving

The Library has workspaces and allocated lockers. See Workspaces and Lockers.

Tables in the Library are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be used as workspaces by anyone when the Library is open. The tables should be completely cleared of documents by the occupants when they are finished and, in any case will be cleared by Library staff of all materials left on them every morning before Library opening time. Consulted items should not be re-shelved by users, but be left on the dedicated trolleys available throughout the Library.

Library materials stored in lockers must both have been checked out in the user's name and contain a current date slip. Non-borrowable materials, such as periodicals and reference works should not, under any circumstances, be stored in lockers; attempts to do so will result in the withdrawal of locker privileges. Food, drink and anything potentially unhygienic should not be stored.

The Library reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time.

The Library takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to items stored in lockers or on the working spaces.


Library Sanctions

Failure to respect the present rules may lead to the application of sanctions by the Library including the imposition of financial penalties.

Infraction of loan rules:

  • Overdue notices will lead to temporary suspension of loan rights until items are returned, as stated in the list of loan periods.
  • Upon returning an overdue item, a fine will be calculated. For further details, see Library Fines System. A user's loan rights will normally remain suspended until any fines over a given threshold have been paid.
  • Unpaid fines will remain on a user's record (see View Your Loan Record ) and will constitute just cause for the Library to bring the user to the attention of the Institute's authorities.
  • Full details concerning the rules and procedures governing library fines can be found at Library Fines System.

Violation of Terms of Use governing electronic resources:

  • Violations of restrictions or any other terms of use may result in the loss of your electronic access rights and the possible imposition of further institutional sanctions.

Failure to respect the general rules of the Library:

  • Those who do not respect the general rules set out above may be asked to leave the library by a member of the staff.
  • Full suspension from use of the Library will be decided by the Library Committee at the request of the Library Director.

Institutional Sanctions

The Library reserves the right to bring cases of users seriously offending the present rules, to the attention of the Institute's authorities and to seek from them appropriate sanctions within the framework of the EUI's Disciplinary Regulations.

Page last updated on 27 July 2022

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