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Library Rules

All users of the EUI Library should respect generally accepted norms of good behaviour towards their fellow users, the library staff, and library property.

  • Smoking, drinking (with the exception of bottled water) and eating are not allowed in the Library. Anyone found with food or drink will be asked to remove it
  • No large bags are allowed in the Library
  • No animals should be taken into the Library
  • Silence should be observed in the reading areas and mobile phone conversations should not be held anywhere in the Library. 
  • All other behaviour likely to disturb other users is not allowed
  • Library users should carry a valid library card to be shown at the request of the Library staff



Library Sanctions

Failure to respect the present rules may lead to the application of sanctions by the Library including the imposition of financial penalties.

Overdue items:

  • Overdue notices will lead to temporary suspension of loan rights until items are returned, as stated in the list of loan periods.
  • Upon returning an overdue item, a fine will be calculated. For further details, see Library Fines System. A user's loan rights will normally remain suspended until any fines are paid.
  • Unpaid fines will remain on a user's record and will constitute just cause for the Library to bring the user to the attention of the Institute's authorities.
  • Full details concerning the rules and procedures governing library fines can be found at Library Fines System.

Violation of Terms of Use governing electronic resources:

  • Violations of restrictions or any other terms of use may result in the loss of your electronic access rights and the possible imposition of further institutional sanctions.

Failure to respect the general rules of the Library:

  • Those who do not respect the general rules set out above may be asked to leave the Library by a member of the staff.
  • Full suspension from use of the Library will be decided by the Library Committee at the request of the Library Director.

Institutional Sanctions

The Library reserves the right to bring cases of users seriously offending the present rules, to the attention of the Institute's authorities and to seek from them appropriate sanctions within the framework of the EUI's Disciplinary Regulations.

Page last updated on 07 November 2023

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