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Workspaces and Lockers

'First-come, first-served'  Workspaces

The Library operates a system where the 174 workspaces are not allocated to individuals.

Desks can be used on a day-at-a-time basis for anyone with Library access rights. These spaces are cleared of all material every day before Library opening.

For more information see Workspaces and Lockers under Academic Service.


  • The Library has 238 lockers for EUI members. These are allocated by Academic Service at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Once allocated, the corresponding locker key is registered to the user’s Library account with a return date.
  • Users must clear the locker and return the key by this date. However, if a user wishes to retain the locker for the following academic year,  then they should send an email asking for a renewal of the locker key to the Academic Service before the due date
  • Users will be fined for an overdue locker key and billed for the replacement cost of a lost or unreturned key. See Library Fines. Users who lose their locker keys must inform the library.
  • During the period for which they have borrowed a locker-key, users may store at their own risk items needed for their research. Library material which has not been checked out (including material that cannot be borrowed such as journals and reference material), and food and drink cannot be stored in the locker.
  • Lockers are not a secure personal space and the Library takes no responsibility for personal belongings and valuables stored in them. The Library reserves the right to inspect lockers and to withdraw locker rights if the rules are not observed. Lockers will be cleared by the Library if, after due notice, the key-holders fail to clear them.
  • Infractions of the Rules will lead to the immediate withdrawal of locker rights. 


Page last updated on 31 August 2022

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