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Make Articles available in Open Access

  • Always include your articles in Cadmus, EUI Research Repository
  • Library staff assists you in checking which article version is allowed!
  • Contact [email protected]

Which article version is allowed?

Check which article version is allowed in Sherpa-Romeo. Most international academic journal publishers are listed in Sherpa Romeo.

Article Versions for Open Access

Name of version

Description of version

Additional information

Published version

(also called ‘Version of Record’)

Definitive published version of the article as available from the publishers’ web site.

If this article version is allowed for upload in a repository it is the Author’s Published version (as s/he has received it from the publisher). It is not the article version as downloaded from the publisher’s site, which usually includes © and IP information in the margins and footer.

Accepted version

(also called ‘Final Accepted Version’, ‘Post-print version’)

Version of the article after peer-review, but before any formatting has been made by the publisher (like type-setting and page numbers).

This article version is very similar in content compared to the Published version. It is the version most commonly permitted for Open Access in repositories by publishers.

Submitted version

(also called Pre-print version)

Version of the article as first submitted by the author to the publisher, before it has been peer-reviewed, accepted, edited or prepared for publication by a publisher

This article version is not so similar in content compared to the Published version as it has not yet gone through any peer-review process. It is often permitted for Open Access on the authors personal pages, and sometimes in repositories.

If you cannot find the publisher on Sherpa-Romeo, contact the publisher directly asking for permission. Cadmus staff can advice on author rights and correspondence with publishers.

You can use this letter (en) - (fr) as a model - or check the signed publishing contract/agreement - to see what rights you have in respect to full-text publication of the article.

You are also encouraged to archive full-text of book chapters, and books (or sample chapters) where allowed. See also the section on Copyright & Authors Rights

Send the PDF to Cadmus

  • Indicate for which article (title, journal, volume and issue, page numbers) you are sending the full-text
  • Include the PDF of the article as allowed by the publisher immediately when submitting your article
  • Usually there is some kind of time restriction linked to the upload of the fulltext, like a 12 months embargo for example. If you know it, please indicate the embargo time required.
  • Open Science staff will set the embargo time restriction automatically so as to lift the restriction once over. 

EUI Open Access Policy & Cadmus licence agreement

  • Read the Open Access policy (through this EUI members grant the EUI and its authorised staff permission to make the appropriate full-text versions of their eligible academic publications while at the EUI available in Cadmus)
  • Read the Cadmus licence agreement



Page last updated on 28 September 2023

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