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Collection Profile


The Library's acquisitions policy for books, journals, documents and electronic resources follows closely the Law Department's research themes and projects.


European Union Law

Top priority is given to the acquisition of materials in the area of European Union law in all its aspects, institutional and substantive. Secondary sources (books, periodicals and encyclopedias) are in five languages of the EU (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).

This is complemented by a fully equipped European Documentation Centre where all the official publications and documents of the EU are available on paper and accessible through a series of bibliographic and full-text databases on-line.


Public International Law

Library holdings are in the areas of public international law, human rights law, the law of international organizations, international regulation of trade law, competition law,  labour law, environmental law, cultural law, dispute settlement and arbitration, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.

The secondary literature in these areas (books and periodicals) is complemented by source material (treaties, law reports) on paper and/or electronic format.


Legal Theory

The holdings of books and periodicals are centred on the following themes: philosophy of law in general, law and morals, legal methods (semiotics, logics, interpretation), sociological jurisprudence, law and economics.


Comparative Law

Many of the research projects in the Law Department are of a comparative nature. The library holdings are closely linked to these projects. A few examples of areas covered are: general theory of comparative law, labour and social law, environmental law, constitutional and administrative law, private law,contract law and commercial law, procedural law, economic, particularly antitrust law. Areas which are typically not covered are family law, criminal law and tax law.


National Law

The very nature of comparative law requires some basic holdings of the national law of the countries under consideration. The Library has a core collection of primary and secondary legal materials of the Member States of the European Union and some other countries relevant to comparative law.

Given the small number of researchers using these national collections, the books collection is very much based on on-demand acquisition. There is, however, a large collection of encyclopedias, national law reports on paper complemented by online databases.


Document Types


The monograph holdings can be found in the Law Collection on the top floor of the Library and are shelved according to the two classification schemes currently in use.

In particular, the national collections (mainly of the EU Member States) reflect the research interest of the single members of the Law Department and cannot claim to be coherent or complete. 



The Library subscribes to a large number of legal journals the areas of research of the Law Department. The print journal  are shelved together with the other periodicals in the Periodicals area on the basement the Library (SER 34). Electronic journals are accessible through the catalogue (EUI members only). 

The early years of most journals are kept in storage and can be requested by filling out a Periodicals Storage Request Form.

Back numbers of some periodicals are in microform or microfiche format and can be found in the Microforms Room on the lower floor of the Library. Consult the catalogue for the exact location of the EUI periodicals holdings.


Law Reports and Reports of Legislation

Case law publications and periodical reports of legislation can be found in the Case Law Collection on the top floor of the Library (CAS followed by a Steiner classification number). See our list of law reports on paper.

Complementary to our law reports on paper, the Library gives access to online databases containing legislation or case law, as you can see on the list of legal databases


Official Journals

The Library holds partial collections of official journals in print and microform format. Refer to the catalogue for individual titles. 

A useful starting point for finding freely available official gazettes  is Government Gazettes Online.

The EUI Library has the status of European Documentation Centre and copies of official publications until 2010s are housed in the European Documentation Centre on the top floor of the Library. The European Information Research Guide provides online access to all relevant EU documents.



Legal Dictionaries

Law dictionaries, both bi-lingual and multi-lingual, are shelved on the top floor of the Library (Law 340). 



Page last updated on 26 June 2024

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