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List of Technically (ICT) Approved Items

To make the procurement process quicker, for certain IT accessories as well as software, a list of technically approved items is available below: when procuring such items, no technical approval from the ICT Service is required. However, ICT still recommends to seek advice via its ICT User Support offices before filing a purchase request to ensure full compatibility with your existing IT equipment!


  • procurement workflow still follows the standard procurement policy (Procurement Request Form, need for a quote, etc.) unless otherwise specified.
  • Procurement Request Form (PRF) still needs to be filed even in case of advance purchase (in order for Financial Service to commit the funds);
  • proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, etc.) and Serial and/or License Number (where applicable) must be communicated to ICT Service ([email protected]) in order to be refunded.
  • ink cartridges and toners for printers in use at home (non Ricoh printers) [1] as well as CDs, DVDs, etc are to be considered consumables and as such should be ordered via office supplies request.
In the below list of technically approved items, please note if no quantity is specified, normally 1x piece/license per item is to be intended:


  • Adobe Cloud software (subscription)
  • Cover/Case for service mobile (max 30.00 Euro) [2]
  • Cover/Case for standard tablet (max 50.00 Euro) [2]
  • Carry Bag/Skin for laptop (max 100.00 euro) [2]
  • DisplayPort and miniDisplayPort Adapter ((for MacBook Air/Pro, etc.)
  • DVI and miniDVI Adapter (for iPad, MacBook Air/Pro, Ultrabook, etc.)
  • eBook (standard configurations only)
  • Ethernet Adapter (for MacBook Air or Ultrabook)
  • External Hard Disk (excluding MultiMedia and WiFi ones)
  • HDMI Adapter (for iPad, MacBook Air/Pro, Ultrabook, etc.)
  • Keyboard (wireless models only if USB receiver included)
  • Keyboard for iPad
  • Laptop (standard configurations only)
  • Microphone (via USB)
  • Mouse (wireless models only if USB receiver included)
  • Multi-port Adpater (such as USB, Video, Ethernet)
  • Pendrive
  • Power Adapters
  • Screen Protector for service mobile (max 15.00 Euro) [2]
  • Screen Protector for service tablet (max 25.00 Euro) [2]
  • Spare Battery (such as for laptops)
  • Stata SE/MP (yearly license)
  • Tablet (standard configuration only)
  • TimeCapsule [4]
  • USB cable including extension
  • USB ethernet adapter
  • VGA Adapter (for iPad, MacBook Air/Pro, Ultrabook, etc.)






[1] = toners for Ricoh office printers are included in the Printing Services contract. Toners can be requested for free by opening a ticket via EUI Helpdesk (category Printing).

[2] = these accessories can only be purchased together with the standard laptop/tablet configuration or otherwise may be procured only via external funds (no lumpsum) as per financial regulation.

[3] = the ICT has adopted a standard, Skype for Business certified model (Plantronics' Blackwire C-320M). The purchase of non certified models needs to be specifically justified. Furthermore, purchases for uses other than audio-conference (e.g. teaching, webinars, etc.) have to be addressed to REFS via Audio-Visual Technician.

[4] = according to network policy, this device can be used for managed backup ONLY (it can NOT be used on -campus as WiFi Access Point).



Page last updated on 01 July 2020