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Ordering Office Supplies

Use of office supplies provided by the EUI (Policy Statement)

The Real Estate and Facilities Service (REFS) is responsible for the acquisition and distribution of office supplies. These supplies can be ordered by administrative staff only.

Office supplies are provided exclusively for EUI work-related purposes. Please bear in mind that headed envelopes (printed with the EUI logo) should not be used for internal mail.

Users should regard themselves as personally responsible for the use of EUI office supplies.

The Real Estate and Facilities Service monitors all requests for the use of office supplies and has the right to scale down any large orders.

Requests for additional durable products like scissors, staplers, pencil sharpeners, staple removers, hole punches, etc. must be accompanied by a valid reason

Please note: the EUI Office Supplies Portal (INES) is temporarily out of service for maintenance. 

Until the restoration of the web portal, to request stationary items please make you selection from this catalogue and send a mail message to [email protected] with the following info:

  • Item description
  • Item code
  • Quantity 

We apologize for the inconvenience, technicians are already at work to restore the portal as soon as possible.




How to order

To order office supplies, the administrative staff member shall go to the EUI Office Supplies Portal, log in with his/her credentials (see above) and select the items needed from the left navigation menu (see the manual below for opening the portal in English).

For further information please follow the detailed instructions available in the INES User's Manual.

For extra-catalogue orders please email [email protected].



Office supplies are usually delivered twice a week (on Tuesday and Friday), therefore there is no need to order any item in bulk.

For time-sensitive orders please email [email protected] including a valid reason for the request.



The supply unit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service is managed by Claudio Barzini ([email protected] - phone ext. 2384) who is responsible for contracts and procurements.

EUI office supplies are controlled and distributed by Alessandro Coccioli, who can be contacted for assistance, information and queries by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone ext. 2998.



Page last updated on 23 October 2019