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Standard ICT Equipment

This document details the standard hardware and software equipment normally made available to Academic Staff (full-time Professors) and what items can be procured beyond it. For a full outline of the procurement rules, please see  EUI's Procurement Policy for ICT Equipment.

Research Projects are provided with the basic ICT infrastructure (network, email, public printing facilities, etc.), whereas any desktop equipment (both hardware and software) may be fully charged to the Project's funds depending on the agreement with the sponsor(s).




  • Academic (as well as Administrative) Staff are supplied at no cost with a standard hardware configuration: a Windows-based desktop PC with a 21" flat screen. This is normally renewed every 4 years;
  • Mac-based hardware with equivalent specs (21" iMac) can also be made available to Academic Staff at the user's/Project's expense (lump sum, prestation hors contract, etc.), i.e. from any non-ICT Service source of funding [1].
    New professors should notify the ICT Service of their hardware needs before arriving at the Institute.
  • Depending on the agreement with the sponsor(s), Projects may be charged for the lease and/or procurement of standard hardware equipment (computer and monitor);
  • Academic Staff (full-time professors and Marie Curie fellows) including Projects can purchase one of 2 standard laptop models, a Windows and a Mac based one (see  Laptop Procurement Procedure and  EUI's Procurement Policy for ICT Equipment for details);
  • Non-standard laptops or other computing platforms (servers, etc.) may be purchased if they serve research needs (see Laptop Procurement Procedure EUI's Procurement Policy for ICT Equipment for details);
  • Laptops purchased with research funds (lump sum, prestation hors contract, etc.) are treated in the same way as personal laptops (see Personally-owned Device Policy), but the initial configuration is carried out by the ICT Service (see EUI's Procurement Policy for ICT Equipment for details);
  • Peripherals and accessories (e.g. external hard disk, USB pendrive, tablets, ebook readers, etc.) are bought at the user's/Project's expense;
  • The EUI has invested in a shared, networked printing service to facilitate maintenance and support. Every Unit has at least one public network printer available to its users. A few shared, office printers are available in strategic offices where network printers are not readily accessible (see Printing Services for details). Procurement of office printers is not allowed.
  • Academic Staff including Projects may avail of EUI's Mobile Services using only their EUI funds (i.e. lumpsum, or research funds) but not prestation hors contract (see Mobile Services for details).








[1] = as of Fiscal Year 2021 ICT Service does NOT provide a standard Mac on ICT funds anymore.



Page last updated on 09 November 2023

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