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Anti-Virus Protection on EUI Laptops

EUI issued laptops (service laptops) come with Trend Micro's anti-virus  installed and configured to automatically update virus databases whenever connected to the EUI network (via LAN, WiFi or VPN from off-campus).

If you are not connected to EUI's network, the Anti-virus will try to update itself automatically directly via Trend Micro's website (internet connection required).

You can force update anytime by right-clicking on the Trend Micro icon on the traybar and choosing Update Now from the menu (internet connection required).

Depending on how much time has passed by the last update and by the speed of your unternet connection, the process may take several minutes.

As per Virus Protection Policy, it is the user's responsibility to check for his/her laptop to be free from viruses and malware, for example by running a complete scan from time to time.

For further information on how to keep your system safe, you can follow the guidelines available at US-CERT's website.

For further IT security related resources, visit our dedicated Security Information page.



Page last updated on 06 October 2020

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