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Virus Protection Policy, User's Rights and Duties

Email Protection

EUI email accounts are subject to the Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. This service provides a layer of protection to actively help safeguard inbound and outbound email from spam and viruses.


Computer Room and Office PCs

Computer Room and Office PCs are installed with Symantec's Corporate Anti-Virus (Symantec Endpoint Protection), updated automatically from our centralized anti-virus server at every login and several times during your working session.


EUI Laptops

EUI laptops have Symantec's Corporate Anti-Virus (Symantec Endpoint Protection) installed, which is updated automatically ONLY when connected to the Institute's network directly (via LAN or WiFi) or from off-campus via VPN, otherwise it needs to be updated manually.


Personal Laptops

The ICT Service does not provide anti-virus software for use on personal PCs or laptops nor support for anti-virus tools acquired by users. However, please see  below for (Personal Laptop) users' duties.


EUI Members' Duties

As an EUI user you should make every reasonable effort to keep your computer virus-free and reduce risk of exploitation.

All Computer Room and Office PCs as well as EUI laptops have facilities which allow users to check their own machine and/or storage media for viruses (see above).

Personal laptop users are responsible for installing an anti-virus programme on their machines and keeping it up to date before connecting to the EUI network. Please see Anti-Virus Protection Guidelines for more information.

Personal laptop users are also requested to keep their operating system up to date with the latest system and security patches. See Windows Update site or Mac Software Update site for further information.

The above action is NOT necessary for EUI Computer Room and/or Office PC users as this is done centrally already.


Good Behaviour Practices

In addition to the above, the following "Good Behaviour" practices should also be followed by all EUI members:


Consequences of Misuse

Members infringing the above rules and regulations may face sanctions as per the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).



Page last updated on 20 August 2017