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VPN Remote Connection

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to make a secure remote connection to EUI's private network (intranet), that is internal servers, overriding the normal security restrictions (set up for non-EUI members) by authenticating yourself as an EUI user.

Once you have connected to EUI's network via VPN, you will be able, amongst others, to access your Personal (G:), Web (W:) and other Shared Areas [1] like if you were connected on campus.

The EUI has adopted the Cisco AnyConnect (Secure Mobility) Client as means of its VPN connection:



Download, Installation and Configuration


Please note that the Cisco AnyConnect Client software is ONLY for use on personally-owned computers/devices: your laptop, home PC, tablet or any computer/device which you have exclusive access to. It must NOT be installed on a public computer/device, at another university/institution or any other organisation (e.g. Internet Café).

Depending on your Operating System, there are different installation files and configuration methods: please select as appropriate (note that you may be prompted for a valid EUI account, Apple ID or Google account in order to download the client):



I Already Have the Cisco AnyConnect Client

If you already have the Cisco AnyConnect Client installed, in order to access the EUI intranet just start the client and/or Add a new VPN Connection) and point it to:



Using the VPN Client

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet;

  2. Start the Cisco AnyConnect Client and, if not already done so, type:

    in the Connection field:
    Figure 1: Cisco AnyConnect Client main connection window

  3. Click Connect;

  4. Type your EUI credentials in the format:

    your_EUI_username (e.g. jsmith) 

    in the Username and Password fields and click on OK once done:
    2019-10-14 (1)
    Figure 2: Entering EUI credentials

  5. If you have successfully logged on to our local network, you will see the following welcome message; simply click Accept to agree and login:
    2019-10-14 (2)
    Figure 3: Welcome message

You are now connected to EUI's private network and can access areas such as your Personal Network Area (G: Drive) [2] as you normally would while on campus.

Please note that access performance depends on the speed of the internet connection used!






[1] = Please note that this is NOT automatic: if not already done so, you will also need to configure the connections to your personal areas prior to be able to access them!

[2] = 64bit version(s) of said Operating System(s) only!



Page last updated on 18 May 2022

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