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The ICT reminds the EUI community of the following: 

  • All Windows-based EUI office desktops as well as Public Room PCs are protected by our corporate anti-virus software which is updated every 4 hours. However, personally-owned computers MAY BE AT RISK.
  • Therefore, install an anti-virus and keep it up to date to avoid falling victim to malware, and perform regular updates on your operating system (Windows Update) to reduce any security holes in it.
  • The best anti-virus is you: avoid opening email attachments or clicking on links/ads on the Internet which look “fishy”. Remember that viruses and phishing messages may purport to come from your bank, a well-known company, or public administration.
  • The most recent means of infection is through compromised/hijacked ads on social networks or newspapers: the sites per se are safe but the sites which advertise on such networks/newspapers have been hacked and injected with malware.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to backup his/her own data: frequently backup all your important files.
  • Your G: Drive is a safe place in the sense that it is backed up every 24h. Keeping files locally on the computer’s hard disk (or on Dropbox or any other cloud storage which syncs locally to your computer) is NOT.


Latest Threat(s): WannaCry



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Page last updated on 31 July 2017