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Housing and Covid-19: What if?

We would like herewith to provide some useful information on housing issues that EUI members are currently facing, both at the EUI residences and on the private market, and the dedicated support that is being provided.

It is almost impossible to cover all different cases, but you can find here below a list of the most relevant questions and the related answer:



1) I had booked an EUI Flat, but due to the circumstances I cannot come to the EUI on the previously established date: can I postpone the start-date of my contract? 

All newcomers having booked an EUI Flat and having to go through the mandatory quarantine period can request that their contract start-date be postponed. Should newcomers have to cancel their reservation due to force majeure (= health emergency), they will receive their entire deposit back. 
You can spend your mandatory quarantine period at the EUI Flats only if you have rented an entire apartment


2) Where can I spend my quarantine period if I am renting a shared EUI Flat?

Self-quarantine is not foreseen at the moment, but you can check the Italian Ministry of Health for more information. If self-quarantine is foreseen you can contact The Student Hotel, [email protected], to check if they have available solutions.


3) Whom should I notify upon my arrival in Italy?

Notification to health authorities is not requested anymore since May, 1st 2022.



1) I have booked a flat on the private market with FHS, but I can no longer come to the EUI so I had to cancel my reservation: what happens to the booking deposit I have already paid?

All newcomers having booked an accommodation on the private market through FHS and having to cancel their reservation will lose their booking deposit (as indicated in the Rental Proposal you signed). However, FHS is available to provide support and assistance in negotiating with your property owner in regards to any issues you might encounter.

2) I have received a request of renewal of my lease contract for the next academic year from FHS but I do not know yet if I can or wish to renew it: what shall I do?

The email about the eventual renewal of existing rental contracts for the next Academic year refers to the GENERAL INTENTION of the tenant, and does not entail any legal obligation to extend the contract itself. Practically speaking, FHS needs to have a clear overview of properties available for the next academic year available to newcomers, in order to provide a proper service to EUI prospect users.

All researchers who are currently uncertain about the possibility of renewing their contract or who need more time to decide should contact FHS directly to negotiate the extension of the deadline.



Please do not hesitate to contact the Housing Office for any further enquiries you might have: we will do our best to accommodate all requests and provide help and support as far as possible !




Page last updated on 12 May 2022

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