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How to Apply for EUI Residential Accommodation

Looking for accommodation at the EUI ?

The Institute’s 71 apartments are available on a 12-month basis from 1st September every year or on a 18-month basis between two academic years.

All EUI Community members, including partners, are eligible candidates for a shared apartment or a single apartment until the end of their EUI affiliation and no longer than that.

Detailed information on admission criteria, regulations and procedures is available below. 


Please note:

The Application Form will be available online in April 2018: all newcomers will receive a mail message inviting them to apply for an EUI Flat. 

The results of the application will be confirmed by the end of June 2018




The price list for rental contracts is available here.

Before submitting your application, you are kindly invited to read the English version of the Lease Contract and of the Residency Regulations:


Admission is decided by the Chair of the Housing User Group, in consultation with the Committee members. Applicants must fill in an application form, ensuring that the information regarding their total net monthly income - including spouse/partner income - is complete (only for PAB Flats). Current tenants wishing to renew the request for EUI housing for the following year must do it by the deadline set by the Housing User Group (an e-mail will be sent by the Housing Officer in March): essential conditon for the renewal is the request for a 12-month (or 18-month) contract together with proven documentation of renewed EUI affiliation. 


Please note that it will be possible to have access to an EUI Flat before the 1st September only following the EUI Flats availability.

Allocation will be granted taking into consideration the length of the contract and the level of income and family situation. In case of equal conditions, priority will be given to 1st year Researchers.

When applying, you are strongly recommended to consider the real rental period, as it will not be possible to withdraw from the lease contract for reasons which are not strictly beyond your control (i.e. serious proven reasons). You are therefore kindly invited to take into consideration your need to leave for mission or for any kind of academic activity, as they will not be considered reasons beyond your control (i.e. serious proven reasons) and consequently cannot be adduced as motivation for advanced withdrawal.

  • A call for applications will be opened on-line on 28 April 2017
  • The call for applications will remain on-line for 21 days (deadline 19/05/2017 until 23.59)
  • All applications will be processed and allocations will be finalized drawing up a main list and a reserve list.
  • Successful applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application and they will have to notify immediately the acceptance of the EUI accommodation. Candidates are informed that the Housing Office is not in a position to provide information about individual results before the second week of June
  • The Housing Office will then ask to provide the following documentation:
  1. The PDM EUI Flats Regulations / PAB EUI Flats Regulations duly signed;
  2. Scanned copy of the deposit bank transfer (the deposit is the equivalent of 1 month rent, and without this payment the declaration of acceptance is not valid: upon the signing of the rental contract this sum will become the rent deposit);
  3. Scanned copy of the payment of the final sanitization (60.00 €), which must be transferred together with the deposit;
  4. Copy of a valid ID Document (partner included);
  5. Copy of VISA for non-EU citizens (partner included);
  6. Bank details (Bank name, IBAN, Swift or BIC code);
  7. Country and address of residence;
  8. Codice Fiscale (= Tax code, to be obtained at the Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • Members of the reserve list will be offered apartments which were refused by applicants on the main list, and they will have to notify immediately the acceptance of the EUI accommodation.

Any person who has been assigned an apartment or room must respect the PDM EUI Flats Regulations / PAB EUI Flats Regulations.

The right of occupation ceases whenever these regulations are not respected or when rent is not paid. The PAB contract / PDM contract cannot be broken after signature: tenants are entitled to withdraw from the contract only for serious proven reasons. A tenant cannot cede the property by sub-letting, even partially, nor may he/she house third parties.

Communal premises, equipment, furniture, security and maintenance are regulated by the EUI Residency Rules (PDM & PAB).



The offer of an apartment to the applicant will be confirmed only upon receiving, within the required deadline, a scanned copy of the receipt of the bank transfer to the EUI bank account of the equivalent of  half month rent (for 1 to 3 months stay) or 1 month rent (for 4 to 18 months stay) as advance payment. If the applicant fails to then sign the rental contract, he/she loses the whole advance.



The caution money will become the rent deposit when the contract is signed o. The deposit will be paid back to the tenant after the final check on the premises and furnishings, and after all payments of rent have been credited to the EUI. Former tenants get their deposit back by 60 days after the end of their rental contract (for 12 month contracts this means 31st October) and only after careful examination of the apartment.


End of contract

When the contract comes to an end, it is understood that it is terminated without any need to give notice, and that the tenant is under the obligation to return the property immediately, explicitly acknowledging the temporary nature of the rental agreement, based on the Institute’s objective to assist EUI community members. For any matter not explicitly dealt with in the current regulations, Italian civil law applies.



Rent and the lump-sum amount for utilities (condominium, electricity, gas and water), must be paid by the 10th of each month by bank transfer to the European University Institute. When rent is overdue, the tenant will be contacted immediately and will be requested to settle the outstanding amount. If the tenant does not pay the rent within 15 days from the date of this request, proceedings will be started to suspend rights (see Decision n. 13/09 Du President) as a tenant and the right to use some EUI facilities.



Italian law requires that all tenants and their partners be registered and, where applicable, supply their passport or national ID card details, visa and codice fiscale (= Tax Code). 


About EUI Housing

The EUI has a Housing User Group, composed by a member of the Real Estate & Facilities Service, a researchers' representative, the EUI flats tenants' representative, the EUI Flats Housing Officer, a member of the Academic Service, and, where and if necessary, the EUI legal advisor. The HUG decides on the allocation of shared or single apartments and on actions to be taken to improve EUI members' living conditions in the apartments.

Page last updated on 21 February 2018