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FAQs - EUI Residencies

We strongly recommend future tenants to read the EUI Flats Rules and Regulations and the PAB and PDM general lease contract before confirming their booking at the EUI flats.

The following FAQs have been prepared to provide practical information only. 

The EUI flats can be rented by all Researchers or any other EUI member provided he/she has a valid ongoing working contract with the EUI.

Please note: due to the transitory nature of the rental contract, administrative staff members are eligible for renting an EUI flat only if holding a temporary (not permanent) working contract.

The EUI4U Housing Office is located in the Badia Fiesolana (via dei Roccettini 9, 50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze), office BF 443 (adjacent to the cloister).

The EUI4U Housing Office is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm: it is recommended to set up an appointment.

Please note that it is not allowed to arrange check-ins and check-outs during weekends and EUI closures.


The Office is closed at weekends so we cannot check you in if you arrive on a weekend. The EUI4U Housing Office cannot provide any service outside its working hours.

The easiest way to get to the EUI Flats from the Airport or the Santa Maria Novella train station is to take a taxi. If you are travelling light, you can get the bus 1A from the train station and get off at Salviati FS, which is the last stop. Keep in mind that you will have to walk approx 5-10 minutes from Salviati FS to reach the Housing Office, so if you are carrying heavy luggage we encourage you to take a taxi. Unfortunately there are no bus lines that run directly from the Airport to the area of the flats, so you will have to change the bus at Santa Maria Novella train station.

When taking a taxi to the Housing Office, keep in mind that the PAB Flats where the Office is located fall officially within the municipality of Firenze and not Fiesole, so the taxi driver should not charge an extra fee. In any case, be sure to have at least 4 bus tickets on the day of check-in for getting around later in the day. You can get them from any tobacco shop (tabacchi) or newspaper stand (edicola) in the city centre. Be sure you get tickets before coming to the Flats, as there are no places to buy tickets nearby. 

There are main taxi stops in Santa Maria Novella station and at the Airport. To get a taxi to your location you may call one of the two taxi companies in Florence at (+39) 0554390 or (+39) 0554242. When taking a taxi to come to the Housing Office, keep in mind that the Badia Fiesolana, where the Office is located, falls officially within the municipality of Fiesole, so the taxi driver will charge an extra fee.

The codice fiscale is the Italian tax code which you will require in getting into any legal relationship whatsoever, including your housing contract with the EUI. You can get a codice fiscale at the Italian Embassy in your country before you come, or you can get it from the Agenzia delle Entrate office in Florence when you arrive. We recommend you to get it before you come to Italy as it would be one less urgent thing to do here once you come. You can do your check-in without the codice fiscale, however you will need to go to the city centre right away to get it after check-in as we cannot proceed with preparing your contract without it, which may create legal complications.

You may obtain your Codice Fiscale either from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country, or by requesting an appointment at the relevant office in Florence when you arrive.  You can request the appointment through this webpage

Agenzia delle Entrate Direzione Provinciale di Firenze (Via Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, 23 50129 Firenze)

Contact:  [email protected]


The best strategy would be to organise your moving to check-in in the morning, so that you have time for going to the nearest market and shops to get basic provisions and bed linen. It might be useful if you could pack a light blanket and a small pillow just in case.

Keep in mind that we do not provide any of the basic items such as bed linen, toilet paper, food, cleaning products, iron etc. and you will have to make a trip to the market as soon as possible after check-in.

All EUI flats are equipped with Wi-Fi, and you will be able to connect using the username and password found in your flat at the time of check-in.


The Pian del Mugnone flats are located within 5 minutes driving distance to the Institute’s main buildings. However the only bus line that serves the area (bus n. 21) is an infrequent bus, and a transfer is needed to reach the city centre. Service ends quite early, the last bus arriving at the flats around 21.30. The flats are not at walking distance to the last stop of the next nearest bus line, n.1A, which terminates later at night: therefore it is strongly recommended to have your own means of transportation if you are interested in staying at the PDM flats.

There is a free shuttle service provided by the EUI that connects the PDM Flats with the main buildings of the Institute. To see the shuttle schedule follow this link.

The EUI4U Housing Office will welcome you and hand you the keys to your apartment, the relevant inventory list and all the necessary paperwork (lease agreement).

The EUI4U Housing Office cannot negotiate a contract for you or provide legal assistance if you want to rent in the private housing market.

The EUI4U Housing Office is not responsible for the daily maintenance of the flats, a duty that is customarily borne by the tenant. The Technical Unit, that you can contact very easily through the online EUI4U Helpdesk, will help you with maintenance issues such as small repairs, emergency plumbing, small paint jobs... 

No, it won’t. It is not the EUI4U Housing Office’s duty to remind you of the legal obligations you undertook by signing the lease contract. You will be liable for any damages caused by a breach of contract, such as not checking out on or before the ending date of your contract. If you breach your contract, your deposit may be withheld to cover the resulting costs. Please keep in mind that, as stated in the EUI Residencies Rules and Regulations, you have to set an appointment with the EUI4U Housing Office for the checkout.

There is a free shuttle service provided by the EUI that connects the PDM and PAB Flats with the main buildings of the Institute. To see the shuttle schedule follow this link.

Please note that the schedule changes periodically. You are advised to check it regularly for updates, and particularly when you are planning to use this service.

Both PAB and PDM Flats come with basic furniture and free parking spaces. Both compounds have on-site laundry services. The laundry service is free in PDM (but tenants have to provide their own detergent and softener); in PAB, the laundry service costs 1 € per wash (detergent and softener included) and 1 € per drying. In the EUI Flats some basic utensils such as plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans are provided by the EUI4U Housing Office. You will be required to do an inventory check during check-in in PAB. Both compounds are linked to the main EUI buildings by the EUI shuttle service. All Flats are centrally heated. PAB Flats are equipped with an air conditioning system.

The following are not provided at PAB and PDM Flats: blankets, linen, pillows, towels, ironing boards, iron, drying rack, cleaning products (detergents, sponges, etc.).

The EUI4U Helpdesk is the contact point for any support requests concerning the ICT Service and the Real Estate and Facilities Service and takes care of tracking and dispatching requests to the technical units involved. All EUI Flats maintenance requests must be submitted through the Helpdesk, and not by contacting the Housing Office.

Users in need of assistance can open a ticket either by:

Yes, there are. Tenants are strongly invited to put their names on their respective mailboxes. We recommend in any case to give the address of your Service/Department, if you are expecting important / registered mail, or parcel deliveries (as per the relevant policy, available here).

Yes, you can, subject to availability. You can move to another flat as soon as it becomes available. However you should keep in mind that you will be required to pay the early closure fee of your first contract, the registration fee for the new contract, and a fee for the mandatory sanitisation of the new flat.

In this case you will lose your deposit and will not be required to sign the lease contract.

Yes, we have. Visits are allowed as long as they are agreed by your roommate. Please consult the EUI Flats Rules and Regulations document for the policy concerning the rights of partners of researchers and staff at the EUI.

Withdrawal from the lease contract is only possible for serious proven reasons, as stated in Art. 10 of the contract itself. In case you want to leave the EUI Flats before the termination of your contract, and without a substantiated serious proven reason (such as family problems, health problems, any change in your financial situation or academic programs related with your activity at the EUI) you will be requested to keep paying the monthly rent either until the termination of the contract or until a takeover of the flat.

Please note that losing your EUI affiliation entails the immediate resolution of the lease contract

Tenants who are going to leave the EUI residencies need to arrange their check-out with the EUI4U Housing Service at least 2 weeks prior to their planned departure date.

Flats need to be vacated by 12pm on the departure date.

Tenants who are leaving the EUI residencies are not allowed to use the common storage room to store their belongings. The EUI REFS has a storage service that can be used for this purpose .

Further information is available here.


According to the EUI’s financial rules, refunding your deposit after checkout may take up to 60 working days.

In order for the EUI4U Housing Service to return the deposit, tenants who are leaving the EUI residencies need to fill in the bank details form available here.

Please refer to Article 15 of the Rules and Regulations for further information.

Page last updated on 14 March 2022

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