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Speaking clearly in the Academy


English 611

All EUI members: researchers, fellows, research assistants, staff

4 weeks, 12 hours from October to December


Course starts on 17 October

Tuesday & Thursday


Place & Instructor


De Saussure Room

Sharon McCulloch


Would you like to feel more comfortable about speaking in the academy?

This course is aimed at helping you feel more confident about speaking in English in a high-stakes environment. 

This short 4-week course (one and a half hours twice a week) is an opportunity to practise speaking to other in a seminar-like environment. The focus will be on clear speech (not “correction” of any accents), and language for putting your points and questions across clearly.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will

  • be able to explain your research more clearly to a interdisciplinary audience

  • have a greater awareness of how to speak in an academic context, verbally, vocally and visually

  • be more confident in speaking in an academic context

  • have enhanced your 'argumentative vocabulary'  

  • be able to participate more confidently in seminar and conference settings

Course contents

  • confidence building

  • use of voice

  • use of gesture

  • body language

  • pragmatics of oral communication in the academy

Methods & Learning Activities

Activities in and out of class include:

  • video-clips

  • discussions

  • controlled exercises (vocal, verbal, and visual)

  • self, peer, and expert observation

  • reflective activities


Page last updated on 20 November 2023

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