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Convento di San Domenico

The Convento hosts the Language Centre,the Human Resources Service and the Migration Policy Center of the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced studies.

The Convento di San Domenico was founded by the Dominican friars at the beginning of the 15th century: here lived for a while the world-famous renaissance monk-painter Fra' Angelico, who painted several works for the building.


To get to the Convento:

  • if you come from Florence, take the first right turn into Via delle Fontanelle after the bus stop in San Domenico; the Convento is about 50 metres down the road on the left.
  • if you come from Fiesole, cross the road and take the first left turn into Via delle Fontanelle after the bus stop in San Domenico: the Convento is about 50 metres down the road on the left.

Please note: the Language Centre classrooms are all on the ground floor of the Convento, the Language Centre offices are all on the top floor of the Convento.

Convento di San Domenico

Via delle Fontanelle, 19

I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 700, Monday-Friday 8.30-13.00 / 14.00-17.30

Page last updated on 08 February 2024

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