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Requests under Article 90(1)

Requests under Article 90(1) of the Staff Rules and Article 1(1) of the Common Provisions for the Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff.

Staff members and contract holders may ask the President of the EUI to take a decision concerning them.

Before initiating the procedure described below, a EUI staff should always try to resolve any conflict by contacting the relevant EUI service to discuss the problem and try to find a solution.

Who may submit a request?

Any person subject to:

The persons concerned are not only the serving staff listed above but also other categories such as:

  • candidates in a competition
  • EUI trainees
  • probationers awaiting establishment
  • former staff or those entitled under them in the event of death

What is the purpose of a request?

The purpose of a request is to secure a decision from the appropriate authority, i.e. the appointing authority as defined in the EUI rules and regulations.

Requests should not seek revision of a decision already taken, unless new evidence comes to light, in which case a request can be submitted to have the decision reviewed.

Deadline and method of submission of the request


You may submit a request at any time.

However, a request concerning the same matter as an earlier request or complaint which has received no reply or a negative reply may not reopen the period for the submission of a complaint allowed by Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations and Article 1(2) of the Common Provisions for the Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff.

Form and content of the request

A request is defined by its nature and content, not by its form. The form, which is not subject to any particular conditions, is not the factor which determines whether a request is to be regarded as such. Only the content does so.

For example, the administration may regard a submission inviting it to review an earlier decision as a complaint, even if it is entitled ‘request’.

The request, to be submitted together with the cover form (.doc), must state:

  • the identity of the person concerned
  • its purpose and the reasons why it is being made
  • the place, date and signature

Any relevant document should be attached. In case of multiple annexes, please submit them in a single PDF document.

How to submit a request

One single copy of the request should be submitted to the President by e-mail, preferably in .pdf format, to the operational mailbox: [email protected].

It is not necessary to submit a paper version in parallel but, if you do not wish to use e-mail, you can send your complaint to the office address:

President of the European University Institute

Badia Fiesolana, Via dei Roccettini 9

50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI), Italy

Treatment of the request

Date of registration

In the case of requests submitted by e-mail, the date of registration will be the date on which it is sent or the first working day following that date if it is a holiday.

In the case of requests submitted by post, the registration stamp of the EUI Mail and Protocol Office will be taken as proof of the date the request was submitted.

Acknowledgement of receipt

The President’s office will send you an acknowledgement of receipt by an automatic reply message.

Decision and deadline

The President’s office forwards the request to the relevant department, which will examine the file and make any checks needed to adopt a decision.

A reasoned decision should be adopted by the President within four months of the date on which the request is made.


If your request is rejected, you may lodge a complaint within three months from the date of notification of the decision.

Failure to reply to a request within the period of four months given to the President to adopt its decision means that the request has been implicitly rejected. A complaint against such a decision may also be lodged within three months of the implicit rejection.

A late reply by the President (after the four-month period) does not reopen the three-month period available for lodging a complaint.

Privacy Statement

Personal data are processed as required by the EUI Data Protection Policy (President’s Decision no. 10/2019 regarding Data Protection at the EUI).

Page last updated on 04 September 2023

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