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Programme Description

The Max Weber Programme (MWP) at the European University Institute (EUI) is a unique postdoctoral programme in the historical and social sciences in Europe. It is open to applicants who are within 5 years from the completion of their PhD, from anywhere in the world, regardless of nationality. The Programme is highly selective, with an annual acceptance rate of <5% for a total of 55-60 Fellowships in the fields of political and social sciences, economics, law, and history. Preference is given to applicants who have only just completed their doctorate and have not had a postdoctoral fellowship before. Selected Fellows will benefit from the stimulating combination of a global programme located in the heart of Europe offering a broad menu of multidisciplinary and disciplinary activities.

The Programme awards 1 and 2 year long fellowships according to departments. In extraordinary cases only can a fellowship be extended to a third year.

The grant provided by the Fellowship is currently 2,500 EUR per month plus - when appropriate - a family allowance. Fellows in the Department of Economics and Political and Social Sciences who stay on for a second year will have the possibility of applying for a Part-time assistant professor contract (level ASSPR6/3) for 12 months involving some teaching duties and mentoring Ph.D. researchers: net remuneration would be approximately 850 EUR in addition to the monthly grant. The MWP operates a parental leave policy.

In addition to the scholarships funded by the Max Weber Programme itself, there are additional grants available that are funded by governments/foundations in Finland, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, and Japan to which nationals of these countries (and in some cases residents in these countries) may also apply. Suitable applicants of any nationality may also apply for a second year at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (IHEID).

NB the availability of special grants varies from year to year – in some years more countries and agencies may offer grants and in others fewer. Up to date details can be found under the Information for Applicants tab. We automatically consider eligible applicants for these opportunities.

We additionally encourage candidates from the Widening countries* to apply.

The Max Weber Fellows enjoy the superb research facilities of the European University Institute (including an outstanding library, a shared office space, and a personal research fund of 1000 EUR - 2000 EUR for second or third year Economics Fellows who are on the job market). The MWP is unique among postdoctoral programmes in helping Fellows to become full members of a global academic community.

Fellows are given training and support in all aspects of an academic career – from publishing and presenting, teaching, applying for research grants and jobs. A particular focus is placed on communicating effectively in English to different kinds of academic audiences.

Its placement record is second to none: most Max Weber Fellows secure an academic position in the finest institutions around the world upon completion of the Programme.

* Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine

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