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Visiting Fellows

In order to apply for a Visiting Fellowship in the Department of Economics, kindly provide detailed information regarding the purpose and dates of the visit as well as a short curriculum vitae (MAXIMUM TWO PAGES) through the following link.

The months of July and August are holiday months and should not be included.

Short-term Visitors

Short visits of up to one month can be arranged more informally. All that is required is the support of a current professor in the Department. Short-term visitors have access to Library, seminars and canteen, but no allocated desk or other office facilities unless these are available at the time. See EUI Health and Accident Insurance policy for short-term visitors.

Visiting and Exchange Students

Visiting Students

Students registered in a postgraduate programme at another university or institute may be appointed as Visiting Students. The normal stay is 1-6 months. Visits of 6-10 months must be approved by the Entrance Board. In no case may a visit exceed 10 months. The status of Visiting Student does not involve any financial commitment on the part of the EUI.

Visiting Students are welcome to participate in all EUI academic activities and to consult and work in the Library. They are not entitled to a personal working space.

Applications stating the purpose and dates of the visit, together with a CV, outline of current Ph.D. research, a supporting reference from the research supervisor, and the name of any professor currently at the EUI working in their area, should be submitted through the following link, at least three working months before the planned visit (July-August are holiday months and cannot be included in the calculation). The EUI is not an Italian university and should not be considered as such for the purpose of a research visit.

Visiting Students who apply to the Ph.D. programme at the EUI have to prepare their application independently and cannot ask EUI faculty for advice on their application. The policy of the EUI departments is not to offer individual guidance and advice on PhD applications and dissertation proposals. Prospective applicants are requested not to contact potential supervisors for advice on their applications but to consult the department’s web pages where research themes are listed.

For further information please contact [email protected] 

European Doctoral Programme (EDP)

The Department has exchange arrangements for visiting studentships within the EDP (European Doctoral Programme). Ph.D. candidates at one of the universities in the EDP should consult EDP For Non-EUI Researchers.

External Library Users

Before applying to become a Visiting Student, check whether a simple application to the Library as External User would be sufficient to meet your needs.

See Library Access Policy for external users and the Admission Request Form for Non-EUI Members.

Research Fellowships

Scholars can also apply for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: the Max Weber Fellowships (for junior post-docs) for those about to embark on an academic career and wishing to improve their teaching and professional skills.

The Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships for established academics with an international reputation; and the Jean Monnet Fellowships at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

For more information see Post-doctoral Fellowships.

Page last updated on 05/07/2021

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