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Most EUI employees are eligible for benefits.

Your benefits package depends on the length of your contract, how many hours you work, and your contract type.



The Institute ensures equitable and competitive salary. Salaries are exempted from national tax; instead an EUI tax at source is paid.


Depending on the individual family situation and the place of origin, you may be entitled to the following: expatriation allowance or foreign residence allowance, household allowance, dependent child allowance, education allowance, installation allowance and reimbursement of removal costs, initial temporary daily subsistence allowance.

Annual leave

Each year the Institute draws up a list of public holidays taking into account the public holidays in Italy. Please refer to the Holidays webpage for the current holiday schedule.

Faculty members observe the academic calendar from September to June. Absences are regulated by their contract.

As a staff member (Administrative staff, Research Fellows and Academic Assistants) in addition to most of the closure days of the Institute (an average of 17 days per year), you are entitled to two days of annual leave per calendar month calculated proportionally to your work time percentage.

Depending on your contract category you may also be entitled to additional days for age. Administrative staff entitled to the expatriation allowance or foreign residence allowance have a maximum of 2.5 days of supplementary home travel leave.


EU Joint Sickness and Insurance Scheme: accident and occupational disease insurance coverage, and invalidity allowance.

Travel insurance

EUI members are insured when travelling on missions.

Pension scheme or severance grant

Depending on your contract, the EUI offers pension solutions or termination of service payments.

Administrative staff will be eligible either to an EUI pension after 10 years of service, a transfer of pension rights or a severance grant.

Teaching staff, depending on their contractual terms, may be entitled to a termination of service payment or severance grant.

Training & development programme

As an employer the EUI subscribes to lifelong learning through the continuous training of staff in managerial, linguistic and administrative skills.


Page last updated on 17 May 2024

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