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Academic careers


The EUI’s distinctly international environment provides exceptional opportunities for academics and researchers across disciplines and borders.

It employs a team of highly skilled academic staff from Europe and beyond consisting of professors, assistant professors, research fellows, academic assistants.

Academic staff work either within the 4 departments (Economics, History and Civilisation, Law, Political and Social Sciences), or within dedicated research centres: the Robert Schuman Centre, the Max Weber Programme, and the School of Transnational Governance.

  • Professors & assistant professors

Professors and assistant professors perform duties of teaching; they also guide, lead and mentor PhD students, and conduct research activities.

  • Research fellows and senior research fellows

The EUI hosts a number of fellowships for both young and senior academics. Research fellows hold a doctoral degree and carry out research work in an independent manner.

Read more about Fellowships.

  • Academic assistants

An academic assistant participates in research, teaching or organizational and logistical aspects of a project or academic activity. According to the duties assigned, an academic assistant is termed research assistant, teaching assistant or project assistant.

The EUI advertises its competitions through its website and its social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).


Page last updated on 14 July 2022

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