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Requests and Complaints

If, at any stage of the competition, a candidate considers that their interests have been prejudiced by a particular decision they may:

  • If they feel a mistake has been made regarding eligibility, request that they application be reconsidered by sending a letter within 10 calendar days of the date of dispatch of the letter informing them of the decision, setting out the reasons, to the Chairman of the Selection Board, or
  • If they feel that rules which govern the procedures of the Selection Board have been infringed, bring a complaint before the President of the European University Institute within three months from the date of publication on the Institute web site of President’s decision concerning appointed candidate and ranked reserve list

Requests, Complaints & Appeals

Review/Means of Appeal to recruitment (competition) procedures

Judgments and Orders of the Organ of First Instance


Page last updated on 04 September 2023

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