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For Schools

The Historical Archives of the European Union offers tailored educational programmes for students of all ages, from primary through university. Our projects focus on the original documents that are held at the Archives to introduce students to important themes around European integration and citizenship. Students are engaged in an active, dialogic learning process that layers historical overviews, primary document analysis and active debate.

For 2018-2019, the Archives have developed a new set of projects focusing on the upcoming European elections, especially tailored for primary, intermediary, and secondary education. For intermediary and secondary schools in particular, the projects consist of a first meeting to introduce students to the history and functioning of EU institutions, and a second meeting focused on interactive workshops and simulations, where the students will be personally involved and challenged.

Click on the links below for the full details of each project:

Also take look at our flyers, available in both Italian and English, and a poster in Italian which you can also download and print if you wish.

If you wish to visit the Historical Archives of the European Union with your class, our Educational team is at your disposal for any further information you may need and to organise personalised projects with your group. Please send an email to the following address: [email protected]


You can download and print the publications on this website yourself.

  • One hard copy: You may order one hard copy per publication via the EU Bookshop. Most of the publications are free of charge.
  • More copies: If you would like to order more than one copy, please contact Europe Direct.
  • Biographies of the Founding Fathers of the EU from the European Union
  • Europe=Us is an educational project, promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of European Politics, has reached its third edition this year. The objective of the initiative is to inform and raise awareness among primary and secondary schoolteachers and students of every class and grade about the history, values and institutions of the European Union, through a wide range of didacticinstruments and innovative digital platformavailable to those teaching Europe=Us.

The EU tries to make life better for all of us in all sorts of ways, like protecting the countryside, making sure the food we eat is safe, making phone calls and texts cheaper, fighting crime and lots, lots more. 

The EU also works to improve life for children and young people. You need to know your rights, what you can expect from the world around you and what you don't have to put up with! There's so much to find out - and here's the best place to start! Have fun!

  • Crisis Point - A teaching resource for 11-18 year olds Europe has reached Crisis Point.

A contagious pandemic is spreading fast.  Can you make the right decisions to save lives across Europe.The Crisis Point game is based on a fictional scenario in which students have to work as citizens, MEP's and European Commissioners to save Europe and their school from a pandemic. 

The idea of Crisis Point is to provide an engaging way in which students (Key stages 3 and 4) can learn about how Europe works, helping them understand the different roles of the European Commission and European Parliament, and how these institutions affect the lives of the millions of diverse citizens across Europe.


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