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Impact Challenge

Have you ever wondered who is going to read your research and how? How can you improve your visibility online and impact in academia?

Whether you’re a PhD researcher, you’re well into your postdoctoral work, or you work on a research program, sign up for the Open Access Week Impact Challenge!

Just write an email to [email protected] with “impact challenge” in the subject. You’ll receive a daily email for 5 days (21 to 25 October), and each day we’ll set up a challenge that takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Each challenge will help you better understand and manage your online scholarly presence, as well as the impact and reach of your research. We’ll focus on online scholarly presence, as well as the impact and reach of research: how can you ensure that you and your work are represented accurately and disseminated effectively on the web? 

Each activity stands alone and can be completed separately from the others.

We’ll also link here the challenges day by day, just in case you prefer to see them this way.

Let's get started!

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This Impact Challenge was inspired by two other similar initiatives:

Page last updated on 13 November 2019

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