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AcWriMo: Academic Writing Month

Inspired by the amazing NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month), Academic Writing Month caters to the specific needs of academic writers at all stages of their career. Together with the Language Centre, the Library is bringing AcWriMo to the EUI with a set of workshops to help you with your writing.

As its name implies, Academic Writing Month has scholarly writing as its focus. Setting a goal and deadlines for yourself and sharing these with others creates external peer pressure that can help motivate you to gain momentum with your writing.

  1. Set yourself a goal! You might count words, time or tasks; you decide.
    • For example: At the end of November, you will have a chapter finished. 
  2. Share your goal with the community! This gives you a push from the start.
    • Share your monthly goal anonymously with the EUI community on this board. You could also use the hashtag #EUIwriting on social media to join our campaign and share your experience.
  3. Draft a strategy! Create a schedule and prepare materials for the month ahead.
    • We will help you. The Language Centre and the Library have prepared 4 workshops to help you achieve your self-set goal.
  4. Share your progress but also your problems! You are not alone in this process.
  5. Work hard! Don’t let yourself slack off

 Register to the workshops the Library & the Language Centre will be offering:

  Topic Date Room/Speakers
 ACWRIMO - priotitizing Prioritizing your writing 

4 November


Emeroteca, Badia

Federica Signoriello, Silke Tork & Nicola Hargreaves

 ACWRIMO - argument  

Argument Structure in Academic Writing

11  November


Emeroteca, Badia

Fergal Treanor & Mary Greenshields

 ACWRIMO -  style  

Style and Research Writing

18 November


Emeroteca, Badia

Benjamin Carver & Valentina Spiga

 ACWRIMO - Tools  

Tools For Academic Writing Success

25 November


Emeroteca, Badia

Mary Greenshields & Thomas Bourke

In addition you can find here some interesting reads to help you improve your writing and achieve your goals:

New Acquisitions

Some other tools provided by the Library and the Language Centre:




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Page last updated on 17 November 2022

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