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Cadmus: Examples on How to Submit

  • Send your publication details to [email protected] as below
  • Where possible include the full-text PDF
  • Cadmus staff can advice on author rights and correspondence with publishers


Author(s): BRAUN, Daniela; HUTTER, Swen

Title: Political trust, extra-representational participation and the openness of political systems

Journal details: International political science review, 2016, Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 151-165

DOI: 10.1177/0192512114559108 -- ISSN: 0192-5121; 1460-373X

Abstract: The relationship between trust in representative political institutions and extra-representational participation (ERP) is contested. Generally, scholars have assumed that distrust is a major source of ERP. However, empirical studies have yielded inconclusive results. This article contributes to the debate ...

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Book / eBook

Author(s) / Editor(s): DEUTSCHMANN, Moritz

Title: Iran and Russian imperialism : the ideal anarchists, 1800-1914

Citation details: Abingdon ; Oxon : Routledge, 2016, Iranian studies ; 30

ISBN: 9781138937017 -- DOI: [where available]

Abstract: Rather than a centralized state, Iran in the nineteenth century was a delicate balance between tribal groups, urban merchant communities, religious elites, and an autocratic monarchy. While Russia gained an increasingly dominant political role in Iran over the course of this century, Russian influence was often challenged by banditry on the roads, riots in the cities, and the seeming arbitrariness of the Shah...

Table of Contents: -- Introduction  -- Part I. The Russian Empire and Qajar Society, 1800s–1870s  -- 1. Shahs and Tsars 2. Merchants and Consuls -- [ ... ] --  8. Tabriz under Siege  -- 9. Tribal Power and its Transformation  -- Part IV. Conclusion

Version information: Published version of EUI PhD thesis, 2013

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Book Chapter

Author(s): COMTE, Emmanuel

Title: Les origines de la citoyenneté européenne, de 1974 à 1992

Citation details: Michel CATALA, Stanislas JEANNESSON and Anne-Sophie LAMBLIN-GOURDIN (eds), L'Europe des citoyens et la citoyenneté européenne : évolutions, limites et perspectives, Bern : Peter Lang, 2016, Dynamiques citoyennes en Europe ; Vol. 7, pp. 69-87

ISBN: 9783034320078 -- DOI: [where available]

Abstract: Cette contribution s’intéresse à la manière dont les Etats membres des Communautés européennes, puis de l’Union européenne s’entendirent progressivement pour définir une citoyenneté européenne. Un peu moins de vingt années de négociations précédèrent l’inscription de cette notion dans les traités européens en 1992. En étudiant ces négociations, cette contribution permet de mieux comprendre...

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Non-EUI Working Paper

Author(s): ALLEN, Franklin; CARLETTI, Elena; GOLDSTEIN, Itay; LEONELLO, Agnese

Title: Government guarantees and financial stability

Series: CEPR Discussion Paper; 2015/10560

ISSN: 0265-8003

Abstract:Government guarantees to financial institutions are intended to reduce the likelihood of runs and bank failures, but are also usually associated with distortions in banks’ risk taking decisions. We build a model to analyze these trade-offs based on...

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