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History collection

  • The history collection is multi-cultural and multilingual in the field of European historiography and national historiography. 
  • Books are generally purchased in single copies and in the original language of publication. English translations are purchased for seminar and collective research activities purposes.
  • Books, journals and online material cover European history and the relation between Europe and the world from the Renaissance and the Early Modern Times to the present day. 

What is covered

  • European history and historiography of Europe
  • Main national, European and worldwide academic journals (and eJournals) in the field of history of European countries and Europe
  • Language dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Annual history bibliographies and subject bibliographies
  • European national newspapers, 1945-
  • History statistics and census
  • European and US diplomatic documents
  • Journal databases and bibliographies if available in electronic format
  • Main national histories
  • Historiography monographs in their original language if dealing with the department profile, research projects and interests


Acquisition policy

The acquisition policy for History & Civilisation is shaped by the following criteria:

  • Current and planned research projects in the Department. Suggestions are submitted by all members of the Department and processed by the History Information Specialist (via the Book purchase request form)
  • Individual research needs of academic staff, fellows and researchers. Suggestions are discussed directly with the History Information Specialist who orders the material if accepted. Other ways to access a document are sometimes offered as an alternative to acquisition. 
  • European history as a whole and the history of single European nations from the Renaissance to the present.
  • Material is normally acquired in the original language of publication, except whenever the original is out of print or when a translation is needed for teaching purposes.


Page last updated on 27 February 2023

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