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CFA/CFP Distribution Lists for Historians


About the Distribution List DL_HEC_CFA_CFP

  • The History department informs all its members of Calls for papers (CFP) and Calls for applications (CFA). This is done via distribution emails (lists) circulated throughout the academic year.
    • Calls for papers offer opportunities to present papers in seminars, workshops and conferences worldwide. These emails also cover incentives to have articles published in books in and journals.
    • Calls for applications forward offers of jobs, grants, summer schools, travel allocations and more.
  • A dedicated distribution list called DL_HEC_CFA_CFP was created to keep members of the EUI History Department and the EUI Alumni informed.
  • Alumni need to opt in to be re-added to the list once they have left the EUI with their email.
  • The Sender emails name is Noiret, Serge; on behalf of; CFA-CFP-HEC Mail Account.
  • Due to high volume of emails received, it is advisable to create a specific rule within personal Microsoft Oulook Mailer. Such rule automatically forwards received distribution emails to a specific folder. This allows for easy access of the lists of emails received at any point of time.
  • In order to be removed from the list please write an email to Serge Noiret.
  • Creation of the rule to automatically forward DL_HEC_CFA_CFP lists into a designated folder is explained below.


 How to manage emails within a specific folder


You may wish to follow these 8 steps

1. Create a new Folder in outlook for DL_HEC_CFA_CFP emails.

2. Go to a DL_HEC_CFA_CFP message you have in your Inbox folder.

3. Create a rule by selecting Tools/Rules and Alerts from the Outlook menu or using the icon "Create Rule" in the upper menu bar.




4. A pop-up window will ask to create a rule for emails sent by [email protected], the "real" sender of the CFA-CFP-HEC distribution lists.




5. Select the sender name From Noiret, Serge.

6. Select the Sent to DL_HEC_CFA_CFP address.

7. Select the name of the folder you have created (2011-2012 in the example below).




8. Click on OK.

9. You have successfully created a new rule for emails!


Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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