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Cigna Supplementary Insurance

The Supplementary Medical Cover can be purchased as a top-up to the Group Medical Insurance Policy. The policy is valid worldwide, and it reimburses the costs of medical hospital care given, due to a disease or an accident, in addition to the reimbursements of the Medical Cover.


The subscription to the Supplementary Medical Cover is provided on an optional basis for the following groups of Insured Persons:

  • Ph.D. or LL.M researchers or MRes researchers;
  • Visiting researchers and fellows;
  • Post-doc fellows;
  • STG Fellows;
  • STG Master students;
  • Part-time professors;
  • Trainees;
  • Dependents of the above

The Supplementary cover is always at the expense of the insured. If a Cigna Plan member subscribes to the Supplementary cover, the affiliation is compulsorily for all dependents.

The Supplementary Cover shall be subscribed when the Basic Medical Cover begins. You have exactly 30 days to enrol to the Supplementary once your Cigna Basic Medical Cover has started.

The Supplementary shall remain in place until the expiry date of the Basic Medical cover. If the Supplementary cover ends, it is not possible to reapply for it.

Coverage - Hospital Treatments

Insured Persons covered by the Supplementary Medical Cover benefit, subject to the cap mentioned below, from 100% reimbursement of Reasonable and Customary expenses for medically necessary care with overnight stay in Hospital or Day Surgery which is covered under the Group Medical Cover. The ceilings of surgery intervention and hospitalisation fees are waived.

Cap: The maximum benefit under the Supplementary Medical Cover is 110,000 EUR (max 100,000 EUR of the basic medical cover + 10,000 EUR top-up of the supplementary) per Insured Person per Insurance Year. 


Premium rates for the Supplementary Cover per insured, exempted from all taxes. Kindly note that premium indicated below are per person, per month.


New premiums 2023-2024

Premiums 2022-2023

Premium group

Supplementary cover

Supplementary cover

Ph.D. researchers, LL.M researchers, MRes researchers, visiting researchers and fellows, STG fellows, STG Master Students, post-doc fellows and trainees, and their Dependents who are at least 18 years old

16.45 EUR

13.16 EUR

Dependents who are less than 18 years old

8.24 EUR

6.59 EUR

Part-time professors and dependents of other members of the Policyholder’s statutory members, who are not eligible for JSIS

39.48 EUR

31.58 EUR

Dependents of part-time professors who are at least 18 years old

16.45 EUR

13.16 EUR

Other visitors

39.48 EUR

31.58 EUR

The supplementary cover premium is linked to the Medical cover premium. The indexation of the Medical cover premium is applicable to the supplementary cover premium.


Page last updated on 27 July 2023

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