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Leaving the EUI Checklist

  • Library: Return all material (books, locker keys) and pay any outstanding bills or fines. Check that your Library account is clear and closed. For those who have just defended their PhD or LLM thesis the Library extends full library rights for a period of 6 months after the defence.
  • Language Centre & Computing Service: Return all DVDs, manuals, CDs and settle any outstanding fees for courses, etc.
  • ICT Service : Backup your G: drive, any other shared area you may have stored your data on and your EUI email;  consider shutting your Personal WebPage; uninstall any EUI software you may have installed on your computer(s);  reduce your Zotero Collaborative Storage library or purchase extra quota; For details, please check Account Expiry or contact your local IT User Support office.
  • Outstanding payments : Settle outstanding debts, such as loans, Van Breda payments, Crèche, EUI accommodation rent or bills. Call 2667 or email [email protected] to know the amount due. Payments should be made by bank transfer to the EUI account: Intesa San Paolo S.p.A., IBAN IT69 M030 6902 8871 0000 0002 912, BIC/SWIFT CODE BCITITMM
  • EUI card: Return your EUI badge/card to the porters at your EUI site. The EUI Card will be deactivated on the day of your Ph.D. defence but will remain valid as a library card for a period of 6 months after the defence.
  • Key to EUI flats: When your contract ends return the keys in person to the Housing Office of the Real Estate and Facilities Service. If you do not, the deposit will not be reimbursed.
  • Accommodation:  If you are leaving a flat posted on the EUI housing database, ask the owner to reactivate the advert by sending a request to [email protected] .
  • ID Card issued by the Italian Ministry of F.A. (MAE Card): This card is the property of the Italian state and must be returned to EUI Admissions Office that will send this to the Ministry of F.A.. Please return the card (even if already expired) to Lorenzo Ghezzi, Academic Service - Room BF030 - Badia Fiesolana ([email protected] - ext 2373).  Non EU/EEA Nationals may be required to show the MAE Card at the Italian border when leaving the country: they are therefore requested to return the MAE Card to the Admissions Office via registered international mail.  EUI Admissions Office  - Via dei Roccettini, 9 - I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy.
  • Lockers: Library - clear your Library locker and return locker keys to the Library Loans Desk. At other EUI sites return locker keys to porter. Material left in the locker beyond the summer deadline (communicated separately by Academic Service) will be thrown away.
  • Pigeon-hole (i.e. your mail box): Clear your pigeon-hole and return key to the porters. Get someone to forward your post. The EUI will send back unclaimed mail after a month.
  • Bank account: Close your Italian bank account if no longer required. You will be charged if it is kept open, even if not used. Return all bank cards (Bancomat,Visa Electron) at least one week before the last cash withdrawal. Give the bank your new address.
  • Publications:  Send your full bibliographical details, and where possible the full text of your publications, produced during your stay at the EUI or based on research carried out during your stay at the EUI to [email protected]  for inclusion in the EUI Research Repository.
  • National grant authority: Write to your grant authority or funding foundation about work carried out while at the EUI and of your plans for the immediate future.

N.B. Issue of certificates: the EUI will not issue any certificate if you fail to return all Library, ICT or Language Centre material, fail to pay outstanding bills and fines (Van Breda, Crèche, Library, rent & bills for EUI flats) or return the Ministry ID Card, EUI keys.

Reference: President's Decision 13, May 2009

concerning the repayment of EUI researchers’ debts


Page last updated on 04 September 2019

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