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Print Shop

The Print Shop, under the remit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service, in an integral part of the printing unit. It is staffed by an external company (Fotolitoimmagine) and their activities are managed and coordinated by EUI Staff.

The Print Shop's mission is to provide the EUI community with timely, cost-effective and high quality services in adherence to Corporate Identity Guidelines

Additional value is offered with staff's extensive knowledge and expertise in print and copying solutions. Whether simple or complex printing and copying is required, the Print Shop is open to questions and suggestions. 

When necessary, the Print Shop will also provide customized solutions.



  • Conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars packs; 
  • Thesis printing;
  • Working papers;
  • Invitations for special events hosted by the EUI;
  • Flyers and leaflets; 
  • Brochures, booklets, programmes;
  • Posters (max. size cm. 33x48) and banners (max size cm.33x70); 
  • Non standard format (for other sizes not listed here please ask the Print Shop);
  • Laminations, folding, binding, labels and transparencies;
  • Hole punching 4 – 8:
  • Customizable business cards (Procedure and requisite template available at: Visiting Cards).

All above mentioned services may be requested via the web Digital Storefront (DSF) http://dsf/DSF/ platform.

The Print Shop also supplies letterheads, for requests of more than fifty sheets, and headed envelopes. For letterheads only, for less than 50 sheets the Print Shop via DSF, supplies blank letterhead paper to be used in conjunction with all the multifunction colour printers located in all EUI buildings.

This particular paper is strictly reserved for printing official letterheads. For more information please consult the Letterheads Guidelines.

For any other request e-mail : [email protected] or call ext. 2611 (Renato Elia). 

Submitting orders online

The print shop's Digital StoreFront (DSF) is a web platform that allows authorized staff to submit print shop requests on-line. To facilitate delivery times follow all procedures and fill in all the requested fields. 

N.B. Authorization for use of the DSF platform for new administrative assistants (with a contract of more 6 months), must be requested by the departmental coordinator to: [email protected].

N.B. The Print Shop does not accept personal print jobs. 

To ensure the highest quality, only original documents or direct prints should be submitted.


EUI Print Shop Guidelines

Before submitting a printing job, read the EUI Publishing Manual  (or download pdf file) and Corporate Identity Guidelines.

All requests must be approved by the coordinator of the Print Shop. 

For assistance or enquiries, contact the Print Shop Coordinator at [email protected] external calls 055 4685611 - internal calls 2611.


  • Finished products are picked up daily by the Shuttle Bus at 09:55 - 12:05 - 16:05
  • Average delivery time is 3 days (for thesis four days) except in periods of high volume (Budget Committee, High Council, Research Council, special events hosted by the EUI, etc). 
  • Urgent delivery is 24 hours.

To provide a more efficient and faster service, only submit urgent requests when necessary.

Environmental Commitment and Practices

The EUI Print Shop is committed to being environmentally friendly. 

In order to minimize any negative impact on the environment :

  • Standard printing is in black and white and double sided;
  • Recycled or FSC certified paper is used;
  • When appropriate files for approbation are sent by e-mail and not paper copy.

...some other handy ideas to reduce your impact on the environment and save paper 

If different printing is required, the reasons should be specified when submitting requests. 

Without specific justified requests, documents will automatically be printed in black/white - double sided.

N.B. Pages are considered to be colour pages even with only a single letter in colour.

Copyright Clearance

Users are responsible for the material processed through the EUI print shop. For more information please refer to:

Library Copyright Policies

Paper Stock

Different types colours and weights of paper and cardboard are available and may be requested when placing your order on DSF.

Production Samples

By previous arrangement, selected product samples, such as event invitations, leaflets and brochures, are available for viewing. For further information and details please contact the coordinator at the Print Shop.

Location, Hours and Contacts

The EUI Print Shop is located within the grounds of Villa Poggiolo. It is immediately to the right when entering the gate in via San Domenico n. 5, 50133 -  Florence. 

The Print Shop is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. 

Contacts : [email protected] - external calls 055 4685611 - internal calls 2611










Page last updated on 15 May 2018