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Mail Service

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is delivered directly to all the EUI sites by the Italian postal service, Monday to Friday.

Always give the full address and the name your EUI building for all correspondence (see below).

Please note:

During official EUI closures (Easter, Summer, Winter break) we strongly recommend to avoid receiving registered letters, packages or any kind of mail items requiring a signed receipt: under these circumstances (EUI closure) shipments are likely to be returned to the courier's warehouse. 



Internal Mail (Shuttle)

The EUI Shuttle makes round trips of the EUI campus to collect and deliver internal mail, outgoing mail, deliver stationery supplies, and documents from the Printshop.

Leave post, documents and other material for the Shuttle in the porters lodge of your EUI building.  

See the Navette/Shuttle timetable for arrival and departure times for EUI buildings.

EUI Delivery Acceptance Policy

As of 1 December 2014 a new policy has been put in place at the EUI concerning the use of the EUI address for private packages and correspondance. Further details are available here.

Outgoing Mail

All official EUI outgoing mail is sent using the Italian postal services Monday to Friday.

Post must be ready to send in the Porter's Lodge, with a completed form for outgoing mail in time for collection by the EUI Shuttle (Navette/Shuttle timetable)     

The Shuttle takes outgoing mail to the Badia post-room by 12.30 where it is then collected by Poste Italiane.

Outgoing Couriers

Official EUI courier packages must be at the Badia post-room by 12.30, with a completed DHL EXPRESS form (filled in on-line) and the EUI courier service form.

Always give full contact info of the receiver (mobile, email, fax) for delivery. Courier services do not deliver to PO boxes.

DHL Express Courier also offers the on-line INTRASHIP service, available at the EUI for Administrative Assistants ONLY. This service allows you to create on-line shipping documents, exclusive lists of shippers and recipients (visible only to your Department/Service), have real-time tracking information on your shipment and keep archive copies of your shipment documents. For further information please contact Dario Centrone – Protocol Office (ext. 2364) or Alessandro Coccioli- Protocol Office (ext. 2549) and/or check the Intraship User Guide.

Large batches of outgoing mail

For a minimum quantity of 500 pieces or more (also cumulable) of outgoing post to send outside Italy (guides, leaflets, brochures, posters, invitations, etc.) contact Dario Centrone or Alessandro Coccioli in the Protocol Office at least one week beforehand.

Private Mail

The EUI does not deal with outgoing courier packages and private mail. For info see Posteitaliane

The nearest post offices are: San Domenico, piazza San Domenico 6 [map], Fiesole, via Portigiani 23 [map], Le Cure, via Caracciolo 5 [map]  

The nearest EUI stores for shipping by courier are DHL and Kipoint-SDA.



Protocol Office

The Ufficio Protocollo/Archive/Post is Located in the Badia Fiesolana (BF291).

The office is open Monday to Friday 8.30-13.00 / 14-17

Contact: Ufficio Protocollo - Dario Centrone, ext. 2364 or Alessandro Coccioli, ext. 2549 



Page last updated on 10 October 2018