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Visiting Cards

The Visiting Cards are printed double-sided and are customisable through a microsoft word template, found below.

The layout is uniform for everyone, with the front bearing the logo for the European University Institute, and the back bearing EUI contact information and some personal data.

As of academic year 2021-2022, visiting cards are free of charge (max 200 cards per year) for researchers, staff and faculty. Cards are not issued to trainees.

How to Personalise Visiting Cards

  1. Select the card template with the correct postal address for your department or service (Badia Fiesolana, Palazzo Buontalenti, Villa Salviati, Villa Schifanoia, Villa il Poggiolo, Villa La Fonte, Il Convento, Villa Malafrasca, Villa San Felice, Villa Raimondi, Villa Paola).

  2. Insert your name, official title* and/or programme affiliation, EUI email, and, if desired, personal cell phone (you may delete the unnecessary lines) and Office phone number with your EUI telephone extension (If you do not have one, you may delete that line.).

  3. At bottom left, indicate the department or service to which you belong (e.g. Robert Schuman Centre; School of Transnational Governance; Department of History; Academic Service; etc.).

  4. Check for mistakes and save the file.

  5. Send the edited file as an attachment to [email protected], indicating the quantity desired (50, 100, 150 or 200).

  6. The print shop will prepare the print file of your visiting card and send it to you for proof-reading.

  7. You must return the print file directly to the Print Shop, with either the authorisation for printing, or any corrections. If you make some changes on the proof you will be issued with a new proof for confirmation prior to printing.

  8. The printed cards will be delivered to your attention, in your home department/service.

* Users are expected to insert the official job title found on their EUI contract. This title is visible under your name in the EUI Directory. Note that PhD researchers may use the title 'Researcher' or 'PhD Researcher'. In case of discordance of data between your request and the job title found in the directory a check will be required, this could cause a delay in delivery times.

Page last updated on 18 March 2022

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