Shuttle Bus and Public Transport


Service Organization

The Shuttle Bus makes a round trip of the EUI campus several times a day to collect and deliver internal mail for Services and Departments, and to distribute stationery, material and documents produced by the Print Shop.

The Shuttle also offers a passenger transportation service for EUI members and users between EUI premises (including Researchers' flats at Pian di Mugnone and Ponte alla Badia and Palazzo Buontalenti), in order to facilitate mobility within the Campus;  it also gives the opportunity to the entire EUI community to use the canteen services in the Badia, Villa Schifanoia, Villa Salviati and Villa la Fonte.


Timetable and Routes

There are 3 shuttle lines running through the EUI campus (A, B & C), from Monday to Friday and excluding official EUI Holidays and closures.

A & B lines link all EUI premises (including Researchers' flats at Pian di Mugnone and Ponte alla Badia) to collect and deliver internal mail (see above) and to offer transportation service to EUI members and users. The C line connects San Domenico (Villa Malafrasca) to palazzo Buontalenti and back.

The updated timetable of the Shuttle Service, organized according to current COVID-19 protocols and provisions. is available here (Valid as from Monday 30 August inclusive):


Passenger Transportation

In compliance with current COVID-19 protocols, the following provisions are in force:

  • On every bus the maximum transportation capacity is of 4 passengers (2 on the 2nd row and 2 on the 3rd row, with 1 empty seat between them). No seating available next to the driver (specific signs will be placed on board);
  • Passengers may access the shuttle only after body temperature measurement (by the driver);
  • The use of face masks is MANDATORY on board;
  • Passengers will have to sanitize their hands prior to boarding (hand sanitizing gel will be available on every bus).

The B line Bus is equipped with 2 different types of child car seats for transportation of young children (limited to seat availability).

Bus Stops

Shuttle stops are indicated by a specific sign in front of the main entrance to all buildings (including EUI flats).

Please note that at the Badia the Shuttle stop are located in P3 car park, at the PAB gate in Via de' Roccettini and on the church square (main entrance).



Rules and Regulations

In order to avoid delays and disruptions:

  • The Shuttle bus is expected to leave as scheduled in the official timetable.
  • Passengers wishing to use the transportation service are requested to be at shuttle stops a little earlier than scheduled departure time.
  • Intermediate stops or stops upon request will not be possible.
  • Documents and material for the Shuttle Bus should be left in the outgoing boxes at the Porters' Lodge 10-15 minutes before scheduled departure time. 

Due to heavy weather or traffic conditions shuttle buses may run a few minutes later than scheduled.

For further information and/or questions concerning EUI shuttle services, please send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

Public Transport

Public Transport Bus Services in Florence and Fiesole areas are managed by ATAF.

To reach most of EUI premises and/or the EUI flats you can use the following bus lines:

Bus tickets can be purchased at any Tobacconist Shop or Newsstands, and the cost is 1,40 € for a single run (validity 90 minutes): if you have a mobile phone you can also purchase a virtual ticket by sending an SMS message to number 4880105 writing the word "ATAF" as text: within a few seconds you will receive a reply message with the confirmation number of your electronic ticket (cost is 1,50 € for 90 minutes).

If you are at the bus stop waiting for your bus and you want to know exactly the scheduled arrival time, you have to send an SMS message to 342-4112512 (write the bus stop code and the line number you require in the display and you'll receive the scheduled timetable) or visit the website


Useful Information

Travel by train: Trenitalia

Travel by airplane: Aeroporto di Firenze








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