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21st Century world politics and Europe

The shifts and shocks of our contemporary international system profoundly affect Europe and its evolution. The rise of China and other newly emerging economies have opened markets for Europe, but have also increased global competition. Globalisation has increased pressures on all parts of the world, putting the stability of Transatlantic relations constantly into question. The future prosperity and stability of the EU will be determined in part by its ability to act in concert, be strategic, influence neighbouring countries, and shape the pattern and substance of global governance.

The Global Governance Programme established in 2009 addresses the major international and global issues confronting Europe. It consists of five research areas: Global Economics, Europe in the World, Global Citizenship, Cultural Pluralism and Forms and Dynamics of Global Governance.

The Migration Policy Centre has a strong focus on migration into the EU, while the Middle East Directions Programme addresses the 'big questions' facing Europe's southern territory.

The Migration Summer School

Page last updated on 29/04/2021

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