Regulating markets and governing money
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Regulating markets and governing money

Can we make the right regulatory decisions in a highly complex economic and political environment? How can we transform energy systems, ensuring clean energy for all? How can we advance policies in the digital word? Since its foundation in 2004, the Florence School of Regulation has been addressing challenges facing big questions of regulation in Europe and worldwide.

Combining academic rigor and a multidisciplinary approach, the research conducted at the School enables decision-makers to develop solutions that drive progress and benefit our societies.

The Florence Competition Programme combines competition law and economics in a hub for competition enforcers and other stakeholders.

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The Eurozone was designed around the twin goals of monetary stability and sound finances, but the seriousness of the economic crisis has raised many important questions. Further integration within the Euro area also poses significant questions about the unity of the EU itself. Research on these critical issues is undertaken by the Florence School of Banking and Finance, the Pierre Werner Chair and the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair.

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