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Fees & Deadlines

Key dates for your diary

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for our degree is € 14.000 per academic year for both EU and non-EU students.

Early Admission Window

  • Submission deadline: 03-MAR-2024 (15.00 CEST)
  • Notification of results: 27-MAR-2024
  • Confirmation deadline: 07-APR-2024
  • Tuition fee deposit deadline: 26-APR-2024
  • First year tuition deadline: 30-JUN-2024 

  • Full scholarships
  • Fee waivers for Nordic countries (Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Norway/Sweden) candidates 
  • 10% reduction for self-financed candidates
  • Early settlement of enrollment


General Admission Window

  • Submission deadline: 01-MAY-2024 (15.00 CEST)
  • Notification of results: 22-MAY-2024
  • Confirmation deadline: 02-JUN-2024
  • Tuition fee deposit deadline: 16-JUN-2024
  • First year tuition deadline: 30-JUN-2024

  • Partial/full fee waivers based on availability of funds

Students/applicants in need of a study VISA are required to apply in the Early Admission Window or within the General Admission Window

Final Admission Window

  • Open to self-financed candidates (for applicants who do not require a VISA)
  • Submission deadline: 17-JUN-2024 (15.00 CEST)
  • Notification of results: 01-JUL-2024
  • Confirmation deadline: 07-JUL-2024
  • First year tuition fee deadline: 28-JUL-2024



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