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International Human Rights Law

Human rights law is traditionally a strong area of expertise and active research at the EUI Law Department. It continues to attract a fairly large proportion of all PhD applications. Our professors working on human rights have over the last decade or so conducted research on a wide variety of topics, including environmental rights, indigenous and minority rights, economic and social rights, privacy and data protection, human rights while countering terrorism, access to justice, gender and human rights, international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, methodologies of human rights research, and the interface between human rights law and international humanitarian law. Large EU-funded research projects have looked into the human rights impact of detection and surveillance technologies. The expertise and interest of our professors covers global and regional systems of human rights, as well as the place of the human rights discourse in broader frameworks of global justice and legal and political theory.

The PhD theses written at the department similarly have a wide range, including doctrinal work on the European Convention on Human Rights but also socio-legal and theoretical studies on broader human rights topics. International criminal law has attracted a good number of PhD thesis projects during the last decade. 

The researchers run a working group on human rights, and another one in international law. In practice, these two working groups coordinate their activities and take into account the interests of the researcher community. 

The department is involved in multiple European and global networks of human rights scholars.

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Page last updated on 26 July 2018